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Nintendo World 2011 Day 2 Wrap-Up

The real stuff that went down today was gameplay from Capcom’s offerings for the 3DS. Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil Mercanaries, and SSFIV 3D edition were shown. I seem to still have some issue with my capturing so the video’s are void of audio and smaller then they should be. Luckily you aren’t missing anything at all since Japanese people tend to be quite chatty when demoing games. So you can’t really hear anything even if I did have sound. Check out the gameplay and a reel of 3DS games planned after the jump.

(Tiny Cartridge and Me)

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Nintendo World 2011 Day 1 Wrap-up

Do you guys want some 3DS footage? I knew you would say that. Ive got a round up of all the videos you might want to see. Shakey cam of Kid Icarus and Resident Evil. As well as captured stream of the live Kid Icarus gameplay demo that nintendo showed on the stage. I was going to capture the stream myself, but I had issues with my capture software. Luckily this is the internet and someone else did it for me. I still plan to try again tonight since Street Fighter might be on the stage.

Check out all the videos after the jump.

(Tiny Cartridge)

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