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Star Wars Marathon Promo Video

Hey everyone! I made a PROMO VIDEO! I figured since this whole “STAR WARS” thing is kind of underground, some people would need a primer on what happens in the first movie. Thankfully a friendly puppet and self-proclaimed “vamper killer” was willing to help give out the marathon details!

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Anatotitan Leaving TSG FOREVER

Yes, sadly my time here has come and gone. I became TSG’s artist during the Final Fantasy marathon, and it’s been a crazy ride! But clearly it is time for me to go.


When I walked into TSG’s office last week, Britt was sitting at his desk with his arms folded. “Sit down,” he said sternly, “we need to talk.” I asked him where I was supposed to sit when there weren’t any chairs available, and he pointed to the center of the floor. I squinted and finally spotted the little doll house recliner sitting where any functional human brain would place a normal chair.  Faced with no other option, I crouched just above the tiny toy chair, as if I was frightened by it and was showing it my butt as some kind of animalistic threat display.


“Ana–” he began. I interrupted to remind him that’s not my real name, but he interrupted my interruption with a karate chop to the appendix and neck. Having seen his side of the story, I chose to no longer press the issue. “Your art’s been on the decline,” he said, “what started off as Passable At Best has now slid back into ComicGenesis Vomited into my eye sockets and posted a video of it on Youtube and then it goes viral and you see hundreds of copycat videos trying to score a few views and then memes sprout up about how bad it is and then a local news affiliate warns parents that their kids might be using it as a secret code in order to illegally download drugs from the internets.” I couldn’t help but feel like his metaphor broke down at some point, but that might have just been the internal bleeding talking.

So yes, I have been unceremoniously fired. Well, “unceremoniously” is probably too strong a word, since the moment I walked out of the office I stepped into a “YAY SHE’S FINALLY GONE WE ARE FREE ONCE AGAIN” techno dance party in the next room. Many thanks to Local for putting that together at the last minute; IT WAS A BLAST! But anyway, I’ll miss you all! And please be nice to Oscar; it’s not easy being the artist,but he’s promised to do his best!


Here’s one last image to remember me by…

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 7

Back again for more of everyone’s favorite crazy Pokémon adventures! Alder the Empoleon was using his brains to fend off a powerful Metagross, while LavaLamper the Magmar was trying to keep up with a pesky Ampharos. Can anything put a stop to this tug of war?

ALSO weird question but does anyone have a box to Pokémon Sapphire that I can steal forever? I still have the game and instructions and stuff. I just want the box. YOU WOULD HAVE MY UNENDING GRATITUDE. And no I’m not going to use the box to sell the game or whatever. It’s just that I use some of my old game boxes to decorate my shelves and my Sapphire one got destroyed ages ago.

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 3

WAHOOO! Now our two heroes have entered the arena. The battle has begun! But how long will it last? Time for TAG BATTLE! PART 3!

Also, have you tipped off Kotaku about the 2.B.A Master promo video? You can tell them that it’s been featured on GoNintendo, Destructoid, and some Polish site I’m unfamiliar with. I guess that’d explain all the hits from Poland, huh. I also left a thank-you comment on the Spanish dub of the video and the uploader said he’s going to donate during the marathon! That’s awesome! I wonder if we’ll need to read a few donation comments in Spanish and Polish during the show.

Remember, the bigger the video gets, the more attention the marathon gets! That’s the whole reason it’s there, so use it to the fullest!

And with that, let’s see what the two trainers are up to…

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 2

Now more stupid monster fun! When we last left our hero, she had to team up with a refined rich boy in order to defeat two opponents in a 2-on-2 match. She decided to train at the city dump, which didn’t make her partner happy at all. But what about their Pokémon? Will they get along? Find out in TAG BATTLE! PART 2!

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Sketchin’!! – Leander and Caesar in… TAG BATTLE! Part 1

HI! HIII! HIIIIII! Here is some more stupid Pokémon art for you! As I said a while back, a few months ago I had joined a Pokémon-themed character contest, entering the most rock-stupid character in the league. She passed the first round, and spent most of Round 2 searching for some bacon. Crazily enough, she passed that round as well. It was on to Round 3, which proved to be the most involved and complex round yet. So complex, in fact, that this entry can’t just be shown in just a single post. In this round, each artist was randomly paired up with another artist, and each pair was pitted against another pair. The objective? Team up with your partner to illustrate a 2-vs-2 match against your opponents. You could pick pretty much any storytelling format you wanted, but you had to work together. This is where the community fell apart; way too many people were angry over being paired up with a “bad” artist (or even with a “good” artist) or being pitted against two popular artists. Some people even refused to work with their partners for purely bigoted reasons D: BUT I LOVED WORKING TOGETHER.  My teammate was awesome, and her character was awesome. ENTER… LEANDER!

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