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QotW: Change or Leave Classics with Remakes

After successfully already not being weekly, we ask another question of the week! It is the quesiton of this week. Not a question every week. Ho-ho! Dodged a bullet there.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D will be coming out within a few hours. If you’re lucky enough, or live in Europe, you already have your copy. Aside from a some minor changes, and of course the new controls schemes and make over, the title stays pretty true to the original. Our question is, do you want your remakes to change, or take a more open look at the title, adding in new content and possibly re-imagining entire mechanics?

Speaketh in the comments below.

Bonus Poster and Case Sleeve with European OoT 3D Pre-Orders

It won’t be much longer until Ocarina of Time launches on Nintendo 3DS in Europe. Those looking to pick up the title day one can get some extra swag if you pre-order the title before the June 17th release.


The bonuses will include a double sided A2 sized poster, one side featuring link in combat and the other side featuring Link on Epona.  Those who pre-order will also receive a golden sleeve for the case. Nintendo of Europe didn’t release images for either items, but we can probably assume the sleeve is what the North American case looks like, which can be found below.


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