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OILD – Arctic Cavern

Oh boy oh boy! Day 3 of the OILD celebration is here! You’ve been visiting the OILD page, right? It’s now been updated to have all the current wallpapers and easily links back to all the previous OILD posts through the link to TSG’s blog! Promote, promote, promote! And while you’re promoting, check out today’s level. It’s the Arctic Cavern, from Battletoads!


“What?? Battletoads?! Are you serious???” Yes and no. Yes this is really today’s stage, but no I’m not serious. Like I said, this is an absurd holiday! If we can’t laugh at the craziness in games, then what can we laugh at? For those of you just tuning in, Battletoads was Rare’s attempt to cash-in on the whole “fighting mutant animal hero” craze of the early 90’s.  It starred some toads. Who battled things. Stop me if I’m moving too quickly here.

Battletoads is infamous for being so difficult that it’s essentially unplayable. Arctic Cavern was a pretty good example of this. By the time you reach this stage, nearly everything kills you in one hit, rendering your health bar nothing more than a cute decoration. The stage had many icy ramps, and on those ramps slid many ice blocks. Oh, but you needed those blocks, you did! Barriers were set up all over the place, and those blocks needed to slide into them. So make sure you keep them onscreen at all times! And just as an extra slap in the face, at one point you had to slide down many short ramps and race against one of the blocks without dying, just to destroy a barrier. Snowmen tossed deadly snowballs at you, and after destroying these enemies with roughly eighty-million punches, you could use their snowball hoard to destroy the barriers as well. This stage also inexplicably featured a yellow, spiky shell that slid all over the floor. If you touched the shell then guess what… you lost! Battletoads is unforgiving and insane, but I think the world is richer for having it. From now until the end of time, we can say “hey, this game isn’t so hard… after all, it’s not Battletoads.”


Here’s a wallpaper for the Arctic Cavern! Slide your way over here for the full version!

Yay for music! Here’s Arctic Cavern! And for no reason at all, here’s Ice Edge, the polar movie stage from Viewtiful Joe 2. Hey, VJ’s a crazy difficult beat-em-up too, so it fits, right?

And yay for remixes! Slalomicide is a Slalom remix by Mazedude, so go get it! I never played Slalom but it’s still a great mix.

Our other bonus remix is Holiday, a remix of Penguin from Pop n’ Music, made by Posu Yan. Oh yeah, you better believe I’m still plugging this soundtrack! Posu Yan was very friendly and helpful during the commissioning process. In fact, he’s the one who reminded me of Arctic Cavern in the first place! His remix is so fun and happy that it just makes me want to dance. Please check out his site and promote his greatness!

Here are the lyrics to Holiday as well. So if you’re the go-out-and-sing type this time of year, you’re in luck!

I know holidays are here
I can see the joy on people’s faces
it’s the most wonderful time of the year
I can feel the warmth of their embraces

warm and toasty fires, vibrant candle lights
fill the air with comfort and relaxation
brightly lit up houses, trees covered in white
fill the sky with such majestic decoration

holidays are here
I can smell the smoky firewood
it’s the most wonderful time of the year
I can hear the laughter, everything’s good

fluffy little snowflakes, melting in my hands
makes me wanna go outside and play
cheery happy people, all across the land
makes me wanna dance and have a joyful holiday

I know holidays are here
I can see the joy on people’s faces
it’s the most wonderful time of the year
I can feel the warmth of their embraces

crackling fireplaces, cozy conversations
makes me feel the kindliness of the days
nice delightful dinners, family celebrations
makes me feel that I am loved in every way

holidays are here
I can smell the smoky firewood
it’s the most wonderful time of the year
I can hear the laughter, everything’s good

fluffy little snowflakes, falling everywhere
makes me wanna go outside and play
cheery happy people, smiling with no cares
really makes me wanna dance and have a happy holiday

If that doesn’t make you the happiest person in the world, nothing will. So spread the love and let everyone hear this awesome tune!

OILD – Planet Freon

Yep, it’s Day 2 of the Obligatory Ice Level celebration! Today we’re visiting a whole world. It’s Planet Freon, from Ristar!


Freon is the 5th level of the game, and it’s a rather pretty stage. The slippery ice floors common to these kinds of levels are rampant, but there’s a slight twist; instead of skidding around as you walk, Ristar slides directly across the floor and occasionally flies up ramps and hills.  Additionally, you had to make your way through chilly lakes, avoiding enemies all the while. It wasn’t all bad though; if you left Ristar alone for a bit, he’d pile up some of the surrounding snow and make a cute little snowman! Throughout this stage, a little creature would follow you around and challenge you to snowball fights, but he proved to be a good guy. You see, the boss of this world is Itamor, a giant cat/snowman thing that hates spicy food. The battle would have been impossible had the creature not shown up with some food to toss into his mouth.


Hooray! Here’s some Planet Freon wallpaper! Download the full-sized one here.

So what about music? Well, here we have Ring Rink and Ice Scream, the two Planet Freon songs in Ristar! And while it has nothing to do with anything, here’s Snow Afternoon from Keyboardmania!

And a remix? YOU BET WE GOT A REMIX! This is Freezery, a Freezeezy Peak remix made by TSG community member Kylethedarkn! Both this and he ROCK, so check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

And of course, be sure to visit the soundtrack page if you haven’t yet!


Hey hey hey! I promised you a big treat, and a big treat you shall have!

You all are so very important to TSG. All year you people have helped out the marathons by promoting, watching, and donating. Together we helped raise money for Susan G. Komen, the Earth Day Network, and The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. We were even able to raise $50,000 for ACT Today, and soon we’ll help out Ally’s House. I think it’s wonderful how so many people have united to help these great causes.

So as a special gift to everyone, I commissioned the first ever Obligatory Ice Level Soundtrack! Yeah, that’s right, this event has its own SOUNDTRACK. Just go to that page and grab it for yourself! I even made printable cover art if you want to burn it to CD!


1) “Holiday” (“Penguin” from Pop n’ Music) by Posu Yan
2) “Frost Bossa” (“Frost Man” from Mega Man 8 ) by Joshua Morse
3) “Ice Cold Retro” (“Ice Cap Zone” from Sonic the Hedgehog 3) by Joshua Morse
4) “A Wish” (from The Secret of Mana) by Select Start
5) “Route 216” (from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl) by Select Start

These artists are some of the raddest in the game remixing community. And what’s more, they were all very friendly and helpful! You wouldn’t believe how enthusiastic these people were. It was such an honor to work with each of them. In fact, this went so well that I hope we can work together again in the future! Expect to be driven mad by my constant praise, because I’m going to be plugging these folks’ work all month. I want everyone to know their greatness!

Speaking of which, there’s something I want you to do for me. You see, these artists deserve to have their talents recognized. I want each and every one of you to spread the word of their greatness. Show your friends the OILD soundtrack and link to these musicians’ pages. Tell your friends to tell their friends. Post about them in your personal blogs and link to them on your sites. Join the Facebook groups and follow the Twitters! Turn these people into superstars! Let everyone know how they helped make this event even more awesome! Do this for me and I will be eternally grateful.

Here’s where you can find these folks! Promote them like crazy! You’ll be glad you did.

Posu Yan – Website: posuyan.com and wushuplaya.com
Joshua Morse – Website: jmflava.com Other: Joshua Morse on Facebook Joshua Morse on Twitter
Select Start – Website: selectstartband.com Other: Select Start Facebook Group Select Start on Twitter Select Start on Myspace

OILD: Freezeezy Peak

So as our first ice level for Obligatory Ice Level Day, we have that wonderfully cheery, snowy land from Banjo-Kazooie. It’s Freezeezy Peak!


Freezeezy Peak is first because it’s pretty much the quintessential ice level. There was snow everywhere, slippery icy floors were all over the place, and there was even a frigid cave. Frozen lakes and angry snowmen proved to be dangerous, but they were easily avoided. You could race a polar bear named Boggy, or even visit Wozza, a walrus who was terrified of bears. You could even go inside a giant, brightly-lit tree and stand on huge presents as platforms!

The most outstanding landmark in Freezeezy Peak was the giant snowman. The snowman towered above all else, but it wasn’t just for show. You could walk up its scarf and collect items on its head. You could even find a rare Jiggy Piece and free a trapped Jinjo from there! When you were done, you could ride a sled all the way back down the scarf, landing on poor Boggy. This world was also home to the infamous Ice Key, which was meant to be collected and used in the sequel Banjo-Tooie.


Here’s the thumbnail for the wallpaper! Want the full resolution? Get it here!

And now for today’s music! Here’s Freezeezy Peak’s theme! Variations of this song played in different parts of the world. In Banjo-Tooie there was a world called Hailfire Peaks, which had an icy side and a volcanic side, and here’s the music to the icy side! What, haven’t had enough? Well Diddy Kong Racing, also made by Rare, had a whole collection of snowy tracks. Here’s Walrus Cove, Frosty Village, Everfrost Peak, and Snowflake Mountain!

And now for some bonus remixes! The bonus remixes won’t always have to do with the featured games, though sometimes they will. Anyway, here’s Just a Little More (Prime Edit), a remix of the Phendrana Drifts music from Metroid Prime, by DarkeSword!

Remember, tonight we’ll unveil an even better Obligatory Ice Level present for you fans out there. I won’t reveal what it is just yet, but I will say this: IT. IS. AWESOME.


Hello everyone! Remember when Britt said I have something big for December? Know how I’ve been kind of busy lately? Know how you deserve something awesome this month? Well here it is! I present to you…


Yes, that’s right! Obligatory Ice Level Day! The winter holiday that celebrates one of the biggest, most famous staples of video games: THE ICE LEVEL! We all know ice levels, right? Covered in snow, full of deadly penguins? Well all this month I’ll be posting about various ice levels.

But wait, there’s more! I’ll also be linking to some great songs, both official and remixed. And as a special gift, I’m even posting wallpapers every day! There’s one additional treat as well, but I can’t show it until later today so stay tuned!

Since this holiday is completely absurd and isn’t to be taken seriously, anyone can join in! Make this into an event everyone can enjoy! Just follow these simple rules:

HELP OUT CHARITIES: Of course we all know about The Speed Gamers’ Pokémon marathon for Ally’s House on December 18th. This would be the perfect time to join in the fun. Donate during the show and help out a great cause! Make sure to promote the marathon long before it even starts! Spread the word! Get others to donate! Even if you can’t give yourself, you can do your part by promoting. Outside of that, you can volunteer some time at local charities or support other causes. In other words, if you can help out anyone in any way, please do.

GIVE SOME CHEER: You can do this however you want. Sing some songs, make art, put up awesome OILD-themed decorations. Make everyone’s life a little bit brighter!

GIVE MORE THAN YOU GET: If someone does something to make you happy, then make them TWICE as happy. Get into the happiest, most obnoxiously cheery rivalry of one-upmanship ever.

SPREAD OBLIGATORY ICE LEVEL DAY!: Tell everyone about this holiday. Link to this page! Make sigs about it! Tip off gaming websites! Turn this into a THING.

So sit tight, because in a moment I’ll make my first O.I.L.D. post of the month!

… uh, not counting this one.