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Meet Anarchy Reign’s Mathilda and Blacker Baron

To stack on top of the title’s already four playable characters, Platinum Games announced two new characters for Anarchy Reigns, another returning character from Madworld, Blacker Baron, and the new character Mathilda.


The Blacker Baron features Super Sexy Fists of Fire, in which he engulfs enemies in flames as he punches them. Mathilda is a master of spikes, with her outfit covered in them. She uses a large spiked mace to take out her foes. You can check both of them out in action via trailers, screenshots, and art after the jump.

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SEGA To Announce New Platinum Games Title

When Clover Studios collapsed after Capcom terminated their Studio (after only releasing six games), Most of the previous employees went on to create Platinum Games (A few members went to different places such as Takeyasu Sawaki who went to Ignition to create El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron). When Platinum gamess were incepted in 2008, they formed a deal with SEGA who would publish their first four games (MadWorld, Infinite Space, Bayonetta and the newly release Vanquish). It seems after these titles Platinum has maintained a friendly relationship with SEGA as they have confirmed to be working on a new game and that they are keen of extending their partnership with SEGA (Confirmedby Alan Pritchard, VP of sales and marketing at SEGA). Word of announcement of their next title though may suspect it will be Bayonetta 2 due to the popularity of the last game (Currently Platinum’s best selling title) Although anyone hoping for MadWorld 2 will be severely dissapointed (Currently Platinum’s worst selling title bar Infinite Space which was a success considering the budget).

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Bayonetta Director Thinks That Bayonetta Will Return

Bayonetta, it was a pretty good, yeah? It also sold pretty good. What happens when you put pretty good game and pretty good sales together? You get a sequel! Maybe. Sometimes. So how about Bayonetta? Well Bayonetta’s director, Hideki Kamiya, was asked if there was going to be a sequel. His answer? “I believe so.

Don’t believe him? Well, Kamiya says you should believe. “She’ll be back if you believe so.” See, just gotta believe!

As of right now, Platinum Games is wrapping up work on Vanquish, which is set to launch next month. Maybe we will hear about their next project soon.

Vanquish Demo Impressions

With the video game market slipping further and further from Japanese developer’s grasps, one has to ask what must these developers do to get a foothold in the market again. Many of them are beginning to dip their toes into one of the most, if not the most, popular genre in the west: the shooter. Titles like Square-Enix’s Mindjack and Tecmo-Koei’s Quantum Theory are evidence of this. But instead of just saying “it’s a shooter,” each title seems to be getting its own unique twist to differentiate itself from the flood of other shooters. Platinum Game’s third person shooter, Vanquish, adds its own twist to the genre giving players an advanced armored suit equipped with thrusters for some high-speed action.

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Vanquish Pre-Order Weapons Trailer

Platinum Game’s Vanquish has guns, and it can have even more guns if you pre-order it at Gamestop. This trailer shows exactly what guns you will get if you decide to pre-order the title.

SEGA also recently announced that the demo for the title will be available on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live starting  August 31st in North America and September 1st in Europe.

Vanquish will be launching October 19th in North America and October 22nd in Europe.

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New Vanquish Gameplay Trailer

Are super fast cyber-suits, robots, jet-packs, and bullets your idea of fun? Then you will probably want to keep your eye on Platinum Game’s upcoming title Vanquish.

SEGA released another trailer for the game today. And while it is labeled a “gameplay” trailer, there are actually quite a few cinematics mixed in, but there is still plenty exploding robots to go around. You can also check out a handful of new screen shots below the trailer.

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Disappointing Bayonetta Announcement; New Pink Boxart for Japan

Earlier this week we heard a tease for something Bayonetta related, apparently it was simply a budget release of the title in Japan. But there are a few new things fans will find in the budget release on both the Xbox 360.

While the cases have the standard Platnium and Greatest Hits boxarts, the art is reversible for a fancy pink box art, which you can check out after the jump. The game also includes trailers for upcoming titles from SEGA, like Shinji Mikami’s Vanquish.

As of right now, there have been no announcements for budget releases of Bayonetta in North America or Europe.

(Source: andriasang)

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Bayonetta Related Announcement Later This Week

Announcements of announcements are always fun. Bayonetta’s director Yusuke Hashimoto tweeted a little surprise for Bayonetta fans. “It looks like we’ll be able to share new information related to Bayonetta this week. Look forward to it.

Of course, everyone’s quickest assumption would be a sequel, but really it could be anything – possibly not even video game related. But the director did recently mention the desire to create a spin-off to allow for a different approach to the Bayonetta Universe.

But it will be something Bayonetta, so look forward to that later this week.

(Source: andriasang)

Bayonetta Director Wants to Develop New Star Fox

For most Nintendo franchises, giving a franchise to a third party to work on is a bit of a breath of fresh air for the series. Star Fox’s quality and direction seems to be a bit questionable due to outsourcing. The popularity of the series has been in a constant download slump since the Nintendo 64 classic.

Bayonetta’s director, Hideki Kamiya, is apparently a big fan of the Star Fox franchise. On his twitter he was pondering a new title, he said “If they had the team that made Star Fox 64 make it…

Quickly, he changed his stance following his tweet up with another tweet saying “I want Nintendo’s staff to come to Platinum, stick guns at us and tell us ‘You guys make a new Star Fox.’

Of course, this is most likely just the director spewing his thoughts onto his twitter. Considering the franchise has been in the hands of multiple developers at this point, it doesn’t seem like it would be a drastic move on Nintendo’s part.

Maybe in the future, we can have a collaboration between Platinum Games and Nintendo, similar to that of which Nintendo is doing with Team Ninja and Metroid: Other M.

Vanquish Has No Multiplayer; Development Focused on PlayStation 3 Version

Almost every shooter today has a online Multiplayer component, but Shinji Mikami doesn’t it would be a fun experience in Vanquish.

Mikami spoke with Eurogamer about the lack of multiplayer. “Vanquish is very intense, full of action. There are just so many things going on. When you take that into a multiplayer environment, then you have to realistically consider shaving a lot of things off and putting them into your multiplayer environment.

I’m honestly all for not forcing Multiplayer into a game if it doesn’t belong, but I think for a lot of people that is a major contributor in deciding whether to buy or a rent a title.

On the bright side though for PlayStation 3 users, the game is being developed with the PlayStation 3 in mind first, unlike Bayonetta. Platnium Games is handling development on both versions this time around, so the gap between the two versions are likely to be smaller.

(Multiplayer Source: Eurogamer)
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