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Sony Says “No Truth” in PSN Credit Card Sale

After the whole mess with PSN going down on April 20th, Sony confirmed that personal information was stolen, but was unsure about credit card information, saying no signs pointed to them being taken. While Sony is still uncertain if anything was taken, they do want to put to rest a pesky little rumor about supposed PSN credit card information on the market. According to PlayStation Blog, there seems to be “no truth” in that specific case of credit card sale. They also said they have not received any form of offer to repurchase the credit card information. That being said, just because this case was false doesn’t mean no card information was stolen.  Sony still encourages PSN users to monitor their bank statements closely to look for any suspicious spending.


PlayStation Network is scheduled to go partly back up this week, although it won’t be until later this month that the PlayStation store will relaunch.  Sony will be giving PSN users free software along with 30 free days of PSN+.

Portal 2 box art

Get Portal 2 for $39.99 or Less

Portal 2 just recently launched, but for some reason  retailers all around have decided to slash the price on the title. GameStop is offering the console versions for $39.99, and physical PC copies for $29.99.  Amazon is slightly undercutting this with the console versions for $34.99. Other retailers like BestBuy are marking the similar deals.


It’s hard to say whether these are temporary or permanent cut. Either way, if you’re looking for a great puzzler, $20 off or full retail price, you’ll probably get your money’s worth with Portal 2.

PlayStation Network logo

PlayStation Network Relaunching This Week

After what felt like forever on both our part and probably Sony’s part, PSN will be going back up. When exactly? Well… Sony doesn’t say. But at least it should be coming this week!


When PSN relaunches it will be 100% back, but many aspects will be back online. Online gameplay, PlayStation Home, friends lists, chat functionality, access to the account manager, access to Music Unlimited for existing subscribers and any unexpired movie rentals on PSN will be available when the service launches. PlayStation Store will remain offline until Sony can properly reinforce the service’s security. The only time-frame that was given was “later this month.”


For an apology for all the issues, Sony will be offering some complimentary goods. Each territory will be receiving access to free downloads of selected content. Every PSN user will also receive a full thirty days of PlayStation Network + and Music Unlimited (if available in your region).


PlayStation Network has been down since April 20th thanks to a security breach from hackers. Unfortunately, it seems like the hackers made off with personal information and possibly even credit card information. It is still unknown who is the culprit.

Credit Cards

Rumor: PSN Credit Card Info Goes on Sale

While Sony confirmed that personal information has been stolen, credit card information has been a big question mark. Now it seems that some card information may have been taken. Security firm Trend Micro‘s senior threat researcher says that he has seen some evidence of the hackers trying to sell information on 2.2 million PSN credit cards.  While far from confirmed, he has also heard that the group tried to sell information back to Sony and that they chose not to respond to the sellers. When questioned, Sony’s senior director of corporate communications responded, “To my knowledge there is no truth to the report that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list.


One aspect of that does make this sale sound unlikely is that they claim to have the CVV numbers for the cards, the three digits on the back of the card. At least according to their claims, Sony doesn’t store this information. Either way, I’d say play it safe. If you don’t cancel your card, at least keep an eye on your statements.


(via: New York Times)


Sony Confirms Stolen Personal Information on PSN

Usually, I don’t bother covering when a console’s network goes down. Usually it’s for such a short period of time it’s not worth posting. When PSN originally went down, I felt the same way. It wasn’t until about three of four days later (shows how often I use my PS3) that my friend pointed out to me that PSN was indeed still down.  I was still optimistic, but six days later it is still down and there are some unfortunate reports popping up on both the user and developer side.


PSN has been down, basically, due to hackers. One might be quick to point towards anonymous, who shook the stability of the service for a couple of days, but they claim not to have anything to do with the outage. It would make sense considering how unpopular their last attack was with consumers, who they wanted the support of. Unfortunately, it sounds like the hackers this time around did more than just attack the service. They stole personal information of PSN users.


As of right now Sony believes the following information were stolen from users; Name, Address, Country, E-mail Address, Birthday, and PSN username and password. Sony has yet to determine if credit card information was stolen. Although they said your security code on your card should still be safe.


PSN developers have taken a hit too. PixelJunk developer Q-Games confirmed that their finances have taken hit, but understand Sony is doing everything they can to get the service back up.  Developers behind the PSN title Mad Blocker Alpha had their title scheduled to release, but was unable to thanks to the PSN outage. Sony is supporting the developed by giving them more promotion once the service goes live again.


Sony hasn’t announced when PSN will be back up. Hopefully soon as many developers rely on the service. We’ll let you know if any information about whether credit card information was stolen comes about.


(Stolen Info: PlayStation Blog)
(Pixel Junk Dev: Industry Gamer )
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Chrono Trigger PSOne

Chrono Trigger Rated for PSN

If you were sitting and waiting for a the Virtual Console release of Chrono Trigger to fill your downloadable needs, you might want to look elsewhere. The ESRB rated Chrono Trigger for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, so we can probably safely assume it will be getting a PSone Classic release on PSN.


The PSone release featured some animated videos, but had some lengthy loading times. I’m not too familiar with PSone classics, but I’d imagine the lack of the disc would improve loading times at least a little bit. But again I’m not positive if that is true for PSone Classics.


Either way, it’s probably coming. So if you don’t want to shell out the cash for a SNES release, play on a DS, or wait for a Virtual Console release, this may be a good option.


(Via: Kotaku)

Sonic Generations Ring

Sonic Generations Gameplay Footage

Ever wonder what Sonic Generations looks like when it’s super blurry? Hit the jump and find out! Yeah, the video isn’t that great of quality, but we do get a  good look at the first level of the game. We see it both from classic Sonic’s perspective, who plays the level entirely in 2D, and modern Sonic’s perspective, which focuses on 3D gameplay with some light 2D elements.


Classic Sonic’s seems to be a strict remake of the level, where modern Sonic takes a lot more liberties, like an entire underground rail segment while being chased by a giant robot fish.  Modern Sonic also seems to be have a ridiculous amount of boost energy, as it is used almost the entire play-through.

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Silent Hill Downpour

New Set of Silent Hill Downpour Screens

Konami has been pretty quiet about Silent Hill: Downpour. But as a reminder that the game is still coming, they have released a handful of screens for the title. Not much is going on here outside of the enviroment itself, but I guess an important aspect of the Silent Hill franchise.


You also get a glimpse at one of the other characters outside of the main character. Otherwise, not really much going on here. The title is scheduled for a 2011 release on Xbox 360 and PlayStaiton 3. I’m sure we will see more at E3.

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Operation Racoon City Zombie Cover

Operation Raccoon City Captivate Trailer and Screenshots

Capcom’s first real trailer for Operation Raccoon City. Here we get a good look at the title and all of its third person shooter goodness. The trailer has a mixture of CG and actual in-game footage. You also get a look at the different squads you can play as in Operation Raccoon City.


Operation Raccoon City is a squad shooter, developed by some of the minds behind SOCOM. Players will not only have to take out the other squad, but hunt down series veterans like Leon S. Kennedy , and fend off the zombie onslaught. The title features a campaign that you can tackle solo, or with up to three friends.


The title is set for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with a scheduled Winter 2011 release. You can check out the latest trailer and screenshots after the jump!


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SSX Jump

Check Out SSX in Motion and New Screens

SSX has dropped the Deadly Descent sub name, as well as the dark vibe from the original debut trailer. In the footage after the jump, it’s mostly development video showing the snowboarder and physics in action. But if you’re not into checkered board mountain ranges,  there is also a few bits of actual gameplay in there as well plus some screens after the jump featuring series veteran Elise.


The title is set to come out January 2012, so we’ve still got a bit of a wait.


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