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Rumour: Playstation Network Redesign currently being tested

Despite Playstation Network having been out of order for about three months (unless you live in Japan where it should be avaliable tommorow), it seems that Sony is still working hard to continue to satisfy its userbase. The recent revamp is said to declutter their current design, to make it more familiar to people already accustomed to the Xbox 360’s interface or that of Steam’s HUD. As an example, the movie section is said to reference IMDB’s design, with the title on the left and infomation on the right, while a similar approach will be taken for video games which can be categorised by genre, publisher, developer and so on. This move is likely to be an oppotunity to regain the trust of the service’s fans who sold their PS3 in favour of an Xbox 360 during the hacking scandal however honestly if you’re not content with two free games and a 30 day free trial of Playstation Plus than I don’t know what will.

Source: (Reg Hardware)

PlayStation Store now LIVE!

After more than a month of waiting, the PlayStation Store is once again restored- taken down in the aftermath of an external intrusion that took place April 20th, 2011. Although the store is back up,  some people might have a hard time trying to get in due to the high amount of users attempting to access the store immediately upon it’s relaunch.

In addition, Sony’s promised Welcome Back package is notably MIA- supposedly in the final stages of testing but available for all to enjoy soon enough. For a brief reminder of what that package curtails, we have an article detailing it here.
The next PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus update will be this Friday, June 3, and then we will roll right into some special publishes starting next week for E3 (so be sure to check back daily!), says PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen.

My money’s riding that the update coming tomorrow will be the one that includes the Welcome Back bonuses, or at least prepare for the offer. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep updating on any new developments.
It looks like the PSN outage saga is beginning its long descent into obscurity, and I’ll bet Sony wants it that way- between the digital equivalent of a smash and grab and over a month of bad publicity, the tech giant has to be reeling from the damage.

Be sure to check out the source link, as it includes an expansive list of new content in the store that covers everything that missed its intended release due to the outage.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Playstation Network Maintenance, No Store Restoration

According to the blog over at Sony. The Playstation Network will undergo maintenance from 8am to approximately 5pm Pacific time. Users may face difficulties logging into the PSN, but are able to play their games online. Account Registration, Management and password resetting are unavailable during the maintenance.


There was a rumor that the Playstation Store was to relaunch on May 24th 2011, but Sony confirmed today in their blog that the store will not return today. Stated by Jeff Rubenstein, “For those asking about the PlayStation Store, we’re still targeting restoration of all services by the end of this month. Contrary to reports, the Store will not be publishing today.”


Sorry to those who were expecting the store to relaunch today, but a little more waiting can’t hurt will it?


(Source: Playstation Blog)

QotW: Satisfied with Sony’s Welcome Back Package?

I thought we’d give something a shot. A Question of the Week (QotW)! Basically a question to help give readers more of a voice a place to sound off on certain subjects on the blog.


PlayStation Network is finally live again, and it looks like PlayStation Store may be soon to follow. As you may have seen earlier this week, Sony will be offering a welcome back package. This includes free software, 30 days of PSN+ and a few more benefits.


Does this welcome back package cover up the boo boos of Sony’s service being down for over three weeks, or do you think Sony should have offered more? Should non-PSN+ users even have the right to complain the downtime of a free service? Also, what free software do you plan on picking up when the service goes live again?


Let us know in the comments below!

Rumor: PlayStation Store Relaunching May 24th

PlayStation Network is back up, but PlayStation Store is still down. While Sony hasn’t given us an official date yet, they may have already revealed the date to developers. Gamasutra heard from an inside source that Sony has sent out a memo to PSN developers, letting them know that the service will be back up starting May 24th.


According to this memo, content will be rolled out every few days to catch up with the schedule. Reopening of the store will include content intended for April 26th, followed by content that was intended for May 3rd on the 27th.  More updates will come May 31st and June 3rd, which will put the store on back on schedule. Some content will be prioritized. For example DLC already available on other platforms.


It will be good to get everything back to normal again after nearly a month of the service being down. Sony will be offering a welcome back package to PlayStation Network members. This package gives members an option between two PS3 and two PSP games, including titles like Little Big Planet (PS3 and PSP), Infamous (PS3), and ModNation Racers (PSP). You can check out the full list here.

Sony Says “No Truth” in PSN Credit Card Sale

After the whole mess with PSN going down on April 20th, Sony confirmed that personal information was stolen, but was unsure about credit card information, saying no signs pointed to them being taken. While Sony is still uncertain if anything was taken, they do want to put to rest a pesky little rumor about supposed PSN credit card information on the market. According to PlayStation Blog, there seems to be “no truth” in that specific case of credit card sale. They also said they have not received any form of offer to repurchase the credit card information. That being said, just because this case was false doesn’t mean no card information was stolen.  Sony still encourages PSN users to monitor their bank statements closely to look for any suspicious spending.


PlayStation Network is scheduled to go partly back up this week, although it won’t be until later this month that the PlayStation store will relaunch.  Sony will be giving PSN users free software along with 30 free days of PSN+.

PlayStation Store Update for Europe

Hey, Europe! Like North America, there are plenty of fancy demos available this week including Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Lords of Arcana.

Europe also has a boatload of deals from Namco, EA, SEGA, and Square-Enix, so you can check all of those out after the jump with the rest of the update.

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PlayStation Store Update for North America

Christmas is this weekend! What do you want to play on Christmas Day? Dead Space 2 Demo! Or you can just play it now, since the demo for Dead Space 2 is up on PSN right now! Or Maybe you perfer some RPG in your Christmas, Mass Effect 2 demo! But wait, there’s another demo! Little Big Planet 2! Yeah you better be ready to get some sneak peaks into 2011!

What? You want to play full games you say? Well check out the PSOne Classic Front Mission 3 ($5.99) that went up today. Oh, and a Lords of Arcana Demo! Oh wait, that’s not a full game. Oh well, take a look in the future and have a little fun for free this week!

Otherwise, there are also some deals for Sonic Adventure ($4.99) and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 ($9.99), anda bunch of other games. You can check out the full update after the jump.

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PlayStation Store Update for North America

Oh, Sony actually updated the PlayStation Network at a reasonable time! Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything worth jumping for joy.

PlayStation Portable owners can download the demo for No Heroes Allowed!, along with some new DLC for Little Big Planet on the PSP. On both PSP and PlayStation 3 you can get two new PSOne import titles, Blockids ($5.99) and Dezaemon Plus ($5.99).

You can check out the full update after the jump.

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PlayStation Store Update for North America

You could save your money on a bunch of old stuff, but why not buy new things? Explore the unexplored… or not. This week mostly consists of old games reappearing, titles like Spelunker HD ($9.99) and Dragon’s Lair ($9.99). You can also check out the PlayStation One classics Arc the Lad 2 and Arc Arena: Monster Tournament (bundled for $8.99).

You can check out the full update after the jump.

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