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TSG Podcast Episode 20

With us this time we have myself, Blackduck, Sonic, Ferenc, Rust, Britt, and a newcomer Diana!

In this rather delayed installment we discuss the new addition to our blog team, Psychotaku! We also discuss Project Needlemouse, the new ops and why it was done, our latest played games, and we answer some podcast questions. Keep an ear out for the obvious edits *cough*Pepsi*cough*


TSG Podcast Episode 18…FINALLY

After our longest delay in between podcast yet, Podcast 18 has finally gone gold!  Because of technical limitations with my (Britt’s)  setup right now,  me and Tyler are the only podcasters this week. We talk about Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, tons of deals coming up on black Friday and we read off some mail. Oh yeah….we also drop some hints on the entire 2010 marathon lineup.


TSG Podcast Episode 16

There are price drops and rumours surrounding the consoles, who will have the better holiday season? We also go over the Dreamcast’s tenth anniversary, Sonic’s legacy, Ōkamiden, Scribblenauts, and what we’ve been playing lately. The podcast questions take us on a terrifying turn, but they cover our Mario Kart choices and favourite game genres as well.

TSG Podcast Episode 14

Sorry for the month long delay. The Final Fantasy Marathon really set us off schedule. In this episode we talk about that marathon, and the Mega Man Marathon at the end of this week. We’ll should get back to more gaming news and impressions in the break leading up to Halloween.

TSG Podcast Episode 12

A short podcast with a small team this time. We recap the Metal Gear Marathon and look forward to our week long Final Fantasy Marathon, including our official player list. As usual, questions asked by the community are also answered.

Sorry about the volume levels in this episode, we have some kinks to work out.

TSG Podcast Episode 11

A full house greets you this week to talk all about E3. The three big players are covered in detail along with third party announcements for the consoles and computers.

This will be the last podcast until after the Metal Gear Marathon less than two weeks from now, June 19th. We hope to see everyone there.