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Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Bug Pokemon Art Cards!

Hey again! I’ve been missing for a bit, on account of me making something… special… for the marathon. But until then, let’s check out another great art prize for the marathon! I told you I got several awesome artists, didn’t I?

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TheSpeedGamer’s Week Long Pokemon Marathon

Make sure to have your annotations on! Our marathon begins June 15 and will last 168 hours, ending on June 22. We will be raising money for ACT Today


Thank you forum member “DeleteandRepeat” for making this awesome teaser for our marathon. His youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/DeleteAndRepeat

Pokemon Marathon Prize Announcement – Poison Pokemon Painting!

Hey-o! As you all know, I made a post in the forums about a neat store where where you might find some prospective prizes for the Pokémon marathon! Thanks to Daskichan for posting about it on the TSG Twitter account! However, there are even more awesome prizes in the works, some of which you can’t find in any shop! What do I mean? Well read on…

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Classic Pokemon Intro Ruined

Ready to have your childhood memories torn apart bit by bit thanks to my beautiful voice? Pokemon Red intro ruined! It sort of bleeds over into Pokemon Blue as well, but whatever.


More important than my beautiful voice, you should tune to our Classic Pokemon Marathon on March 11th through the 14th! Catch’n ’em all up to 251 using Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold for The Als Association!

Don’t worry. I won’t be singing during the marathon.

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Sketchin’!! – TAG BATTLE! part 3

WAHOOO! Now our two heroes have entered the arena. The battle has begun! But how long will it last? Time for TAG BATTLE! PART 3!

Also, have you tipped off Kotaku about the 2.B.A Master promo video? You can tell them that it’s been featured on GoNintendo, Destructoid, and some Polish site I’m unfamiliar with. I guess that’d explain all the hits from Poland, huh. I also left a thank-you comment on the Spanish dub of the video and the uploader said he’s going to donate during the marathon! That’s awesome! I wonder if we’ll need to read a few donation comments in Spanish and Polish during the show.

Remember, the bigger the video gets, the more attention the marathon gets! That’s the whole reason it’s there, so use it to the fullest!

And with that, let’s see what the two trainers are up to…

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Sketchin’!! – 2.B.A. Master icons

SUP BUDROS?! I’m back to let everyone know that there’s a Digg article about 2.B.A. Master! Please help out and DIG, MY LITTLE DIGLETTS! Remember, the bigger the video gets, the more exposure the marathon gets! So lend a hand!

And to thank you in advance, here are some icons made from the art in the video! They’re under the cut, so check it out.

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Promo Video: 2.B.A. Master

Hey kids! As you know, TSG’s Pokémon retrothon is going to be HUGEGANTIC. GINORMOUS. BIG, EVEN! So I figured to both promote and celebrate this awesome marathon by making a little cartoon. 2.B.A. Master was a CD that was released once Pokémon Red/Blue took America by storm, and as such it was perfect for making a silly video. Enjoy this singing and dancing Wigglytuff and his many friends!


Incidentally, there’s at least one member of every evolutionary family from R/B in this video in some capacity. It might just be a tiny cameo in the background, but they’re there! So if your favorite’s not in here, its relative certainly is.

Prize update #3 and checklist winner

More prizes! YAY.  Calvin and Ashigaru have sent us a boat load of holo Pokemon cards to give away as prizes, WOOT!

It should also be noted that the top 150 donators will be getting hand drawn Pokemon art from Anatotitan! She also has some original Pokemon themed art work that we will be giving away as prizes (pictured later).

Thank you to everyone who submitted checklists for our marathon, they were all great. After looking over them all, I have decided that we will be using C. Schwartz’s list. We will announce his prize during the marathon.

I’m at work writing this update so I don’t have any pictures of the prizes.  I’ll upload images when I get home tonight.

Prize update #2

Prize update #1