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Xbox 360 E3 2010 Trailer Dump

While there was a new Xbox 360 redesign, there are quite a few handful of good Xbox 360 exclusives shown as well. Unfortunately with the nature of the home console market today, most 360 games are multiplatform. So while this list is sort of small, there are tons of Xbox 360 titles in the multiplatform section.

This post may be updated over the next few days. Scroll to the bottom of the console’s section to see the latest trailers.

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Rumor: SEGA Supporting Natal with “Sonic Free Riders” for XBLA

It has been some time since we have heard from the Sonic Riders franchise, but it looks like it may surfacing again. Joystiq was told by an inside source that an XBLA title called Sonic Free Riders will be launching later this year.

While there was no mention of exclusivity, it sounds like there might be a good chance it is. The title will be supporting Project Natal.  So players control their characters on screen using their body. Other actions noted included the ability to grab items by actually reaching out towards them, and motioning towards enemies to attack them.

Microsoft is set to reveal Natal on the 13th, and i’m sure they will be pushing almost any title they can get on the platform. So I think we will probably see it at least a little bit on the show floor, if the rumor is true of course.

I’ve still haven’t picked up the series. Maybe I will… maybe… one day.

(Via: Kotaku)
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Rumor: Natal Available in White; Sweedish Retailers List Natal as 1,499 SEK ($200)

Today we have a somewhat good rumor and a pretty bad rumor.

We will start with the good rumor. Recently on a German news station, a reporter got a chance to demo Project Natal. In report, a white Natal is pictured

Is this a second color to match all those original white 360s? Could be. Or it could simply be a prototype system. Kotaku questioned Microsoft about the possibility of the second color, but they replied saying that the specific Natal used was a prototype. But of course, you always have to consider that Microsoft may be trying to cover their tracks.

And now for the bad rumor. Three different Swedish retailers opened up listings for Natal on their website. All of the listings held a 1,499 SEK price point, or around $200 USD.  That is quite the bite to the pocket. Microsoft says these retailer’s pricing are purely speculation.

We had another pricing rumor from MCV in the past which listed Natal ranging anywhere from $50-$80. I’m probably going to lean more with MCV on this one, especially since they have quite the track record for rumors.

I’m sure by E3 everything will be cleared up.

(White Source: Kotaku)
(Pricing Source: Kotaku)

Project Natal Launching This October

PlayStation Move is on the way for this Holiday season, but what about Natal? Microsoft Saudi revealed that Project Natal will be releasing world wide this October.

They didn’t pin down an exact date, but they did say we would find out at this E3.

This E3, it is likely Microsoft will be showing off plenty of Project Natal titles. So a launch date will definitely be something nice to know. Hopefully we will see some quality software.

(Source: Siliconera)

Project Natal’s “World Premiere” at E3

We haven’t seen any real games when it comes to Project Natal yet, but Microsoft will be remedying this situation at E3 this year.

Microsoft announced that they will be showing off Natal for its world premiere on June 13th and 14th. Hopefully Natal won’t push core games to the wayside at this years E3.  Some  announcements of some hardcore games, maybe like Gears of War 3 , would definitely be nice.

I don’t think anyone doubted Natal’s presence at E3 though, especially with its current Holiday 2010 release window.

(Source: Kotaku)

Rumor: Developers Struggling With Natal

IGN’s Matt Casamassina spoke with a developer, who he did not name, at GDC about working with Natal. According to Matt’s source, his development team, along with Lionhead Studios and Rare, are struggling to get Natal working properly.

According to the developer the camera isn’t working as promised. In short he says “It’s sh*t.”

The developer said that Lionhead studios and Rare are still trying to get their software ready for launch, but it might not be in its prime condition. “They’re just going to try to make launch and then they’re going to patch everything later.

Natal is set to launch this fall. If these faults are currently present, hopefully the developers will be able to work something out before launch.

Rumor: Project Natal launch details

MCV brings us another rumor from a inside source saying that Microsoft recently held a behind closed door tour of Microsoft’s UK publishers and studios. The supposed tour revealed that Natal will be arriving November 2010 with 5 million units produced for launch and a catalog of 14 games on launch day. The tour also revealed Microsoft is shooting for a price under  £50 ($80 USD), but some reported that it could go as low as £30 ($50 USD).

Even if this is true, November 2010 is still a year away meaning plans may change quite a bit before then.

Rumor: Kameo 2 and other RARE projects smashed by Project Natal

Earlier this year RARE under went a restructuring to focus on developing software for Project Natal. A source close to RARE has told CVG that Kameo 2 and other traditional franchise sequels that were in development by RARE have been swept aside in favor of developing for Project Natal. CVG‘s source did say in Kameo‘s case another major contributing factor was that the original launch title had less then stellar sales, so not all the blame can be placed on Natal.

While it is a shame to see franchise titles crushed, I think RARE and Project Natal will fit together nicely. I look forward to seeing what RARE can produce in the future for Natal, and who knows maybe one day some of those canned projects will resurface.

Microsoft lists publishers currently involved with creating Natal software

If you have been worried that Project Natal wouldn’t be getting any backing from third party publishers, Microsoft has released a list of publishers who are already working on Natal.

The list includes Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Capcom, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Konami, MTV Games, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, THQ, and Ubisoft. A pretty impressive line up of publishers,  but we will have to wait and see what kind of software they bring to the table for Natal.

Namco Bandai had a demo of Katamari Damacy using Natal at TGS, there is a short 14 second video of as you can see above and it looks like it turning out pretty good just from that short clip.

(Source: VG247)