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Sony Pushes PSN Relaunch Back

It seemed like PlayStation 3 gamers were finally going to get back online this week, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. According to PlayStation Blog, the testing phase is taking longer than anticipated and will push the restoration of the service further back. There’s been no mention of a date or time frame that the service will be back up.


It was rumored that hackers were planning to attack the service again this weekend. It seems like they might not be able to do any damage though as PSN’s networks are still down.

Rumor: Hackers Targeting PSN Again?

Sony has been unfortunate enough to have their servers attacked twice in such a short period of time. According to one of Cnet’s sources though, they may be due for a third attack. The source also claims that the group plans to publicize some or all of the personal information stolen from the service.  It is still unknown whether PSN credit card information would fall under this, since no one is sure if the information has been taken.


The attack is supposedly scheduled for this weekend, with the hackers claiming to still have access to Sony’s servers. Sony last reported that their improved server security is in the final testing stage, so we can probably expect PSN to go live again soon.

Sony Confirms Stolen Personal Information on PSN

Usually, I don’t bother covering when a console’s network goes down. Usually it’s for such a short period of time it’s not worth posting. When PSN originally went down, I felt the same way. It wasn’t until about three of four days later (shows how often I use my PS3) that my friend pointed out to me that PSN was indeed still down.  I was still optimistic, but six days later it is still down and there are some unfortunate reports popping up on both the user and developer side.


PSN has been down, basically, due to hackers. One might be quick to point towards anonymous, who shook the stability of the service for a couple of days, but they claim not to have anything to do with the outage. It would make sense considering how unpopular their last attack was with consumers, who they wanted the support of. Unfortunately, it sounds like the hackers this time around did more than just attack the service. They stole personal information of PSN users.


As of right now Sony believes the following information were stolen from users; Name, Address, Country, E-mail Address, Birthday, and PSN username and password. Sony has yet to determine if credit card information was stolen. Although they said your security code on your card should still be safe.


PSN developers have taken a hit too. PixelJunk developer Q-Games confirmed that their finances have taken hit, but understand Sony is doing everything they can to get the service back up.  Developers behind the PSN title Mad Blocker Alpha had their title scheduled to release, but was unable to thanks to the PSN outage. Sony is supporting the developed by giving them more promotion once the service goes live again.


Sony hasn’t announced when PSN will be back up. Hopefully soon as many developers rely on the service. We’ll let you know if any information about whether credit card information was stolen comes about.


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Megaman 5 and Dino Crisis 2 Going Digital

Dino Crisis 2 and Mega Man 5 have both been listed by the ESRB for Virtual Console and PSN. The story I read is not incredibly clear, but I think that Dino Crisis 2 is going to be on PSN and Mega Man 5 is going to be on Virtual Console and not both on both platforms.


Either way these are classic’s in my opinion and I would be glad not to have to but a new Dino Crisis 2 disc just to play it again. No word of course on when they will be available, but most likely sometime within the next few months.


Ubisoft: “Keep the Faith” in Beyond Good and Evil 2

It seems like its been forever since we’ve seen Beyond Good and Evil 2. Mid 2008 and we still haven’t see any official media since the announcement trailer, although there was one leaked video of gameplay some months after.

Beyond Good and Evil fans should still be excited though. An HD rerelease is heading PSN and XBLA next month. Eurogamer got in contact with the producer of the HD remake, Wang Xu. His response was: “Keep the faith.

While he jokingly plugs-in, “Yes it is true; please buy Beyond Good & Evil HD if you want more BG&E games,” it surely won’t hurt the chances of the sequel’s release.

Hopefully there will be some teaser footage or something in the HD remake.

XenoGears gets Orchestrated Soundtrack and NA PSN release this week

This week is a good week to be a Xenogears fan (On the contrary, It’s never good to be a Western Xenoblade fan).The Xenogears Orchestrated Soundtrack that contains Orchestrated versions personally chosen by Yasnori Mitsuda and the various fans that voted for a selection of tracks will be released Tommorow. If that is too long to wait, The game in question, Xenogears should be avaliable from NA PSN Starting today from $5.99. The game has been out on JP PSN since June 2008 considering Sqeenix’s previous track record, over 2 years isn’t too bad (Shame EU will have to wait longer). Either way, NA PSN can still look forward to other Squeenix RPG’s such as Vagrant Story which should come out some time in the near future.

Source: (JoyStiq)

Final Fantasy V arriving to JP PSN

As part of Square Enix’s promotion for Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim, They plan to release Final Fantasy V on the Japanese Playstation Network. V is considered to be one of the more under-rated entries in the series which never recieved its initial Super Famicom release for Western gamers however the later PS1 & GBA versions were released overseas. There is no confirmation of a Western release of this port however considering Sqeenix for the most part has been steadily releasing their PS1 backlog through PSN (And yet no English Einhander…), the chances are rather likely. Final Fantasy I & IV are already avaliable though Virtual Console which most likely pave the way for Final Fantasy VI so despite the rather cluttered process of releasing their previous entries (Expect FFIII to be released on XBLA), It’s nice to see the games are recieving their deserved releases.

Source: (Siliconera)

Arcana Heart 3 released on PSN in North America

To celebrate Valentines day, Aksys Games who are well known for publishing a wide variety of obscure Japanese games confirmed today that they are making Arcana Heart 3 avalable for NA users though PSN for the cheap price of $29.99. This decision has caused someannoyance within the fighting game comuniy as it means that anyone who wants a retail release will have to import the PAL edition (Hopefully we get the special edition although it’s all unconfirmed right now.) The other problem is that this implies that AH3 will not be coming to the 360 in the US despite it’s avaliability in JP & PAL however at this point noting has been deconfirmed/confirmed yet. Europe on the other hand will see a full retail release though the publishers Pqube who published the BlazBlue series over in Europe. The US version is set to be released this Spring and the UK version is set to be released this Summer.

Source: (Joystiq)

Necromachina gets Spring Release

Necromachina was one of my most anticipated games at last year’s E3. It is a side scrolling adventure game made by Kouichi Yotsui who created Strider which even by todays standards is still considered as a highlight of 2D action platformers. The most interesting mechanic is the strong multiplayer focus. It’s a neat idea, having up to 4 characters fighting a gigantic boss at the same time while traversing dangerous perils as they go. Unfortunatly, despite the initial trailer stating it would come out in 2010, it never did, much to the dissapointment of TSG user GrimsChild. Luckily for him, Square Enix stated that the game would be released this Spring for PSN and XBLA. For anyone who can’t remember the game, I’ll leave the initial trailer after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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