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PlayStation Store now LIVE!

After more than a month of waiting, the PlayStation Store is once again restored- taken down in the aftermath of an external intrusion that took place April 20th, 2011. Although the store is back up,  some people might have a hard time trying to get in due to the high amount of users attempting to access the store immediately upon it’s relaunch.

In addition, Sony’s promised Welcome Back package is notably MIA- supposedly in the final stages of testing but available for all to enjoy soon enough. For a brief reminder of what that package curtails, we have an article detailing it here.
The next PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus update will be this Friday, June 3, and then we will roll right into some special publishes starting next week for E3 (so be sure to check back daily!), says PlayStation Store Director Grace Chen.

My money’s riding that the update coming tomorrow will be the one that includes the Welcome Back bonuses, or at least prepare for the offer. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep updating on any new developments.
It looks like the PSN outage saga is beginning its long descent into obscurity, and I’ll bet Sony wants it that way- between the digital equivalent of a smash and grab and over a month of bad publicity, the tech giant has to be reeling from the damage.

Be sure to check out the source link, as it includes an expansive list of new content in the store that covers everything that missed its intended release due to the outage.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

PSPGo Dropping to $149.99

Right off the heels of the PSP-3000 price drop, Sony is dropping the price of the PSPGo. Those who fancy themselves digital content over physical media can pay an extra $20, or $149.99 total, to get the entirely digital download based PSPGo.

With the NGP on the way, the device can seem a little obsolete at this point. But it is a nice alternative to purchasing a PSP-3000, especially if you want to toss those UMDs out the window.

(Source: Gamasutra)

Sad News For PSP Go Owners

If you are one of the people who traded your PSP for a stylish PSP Go last year you won’t be getting to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Well not in the near future anyway.

The latest game in the Kingdom Hearts series is set for release for UMD next month but the rumours have been confirmed by Square Enix that it wont be released on the Playstation Network – the only way PSP Go owners could play it. Although Square Enix only said, “currently no plans” so on the brightside that could change in the future.

Since the PSP Go was introduced nearly a year ago, pretty much every title has been released on PSN so this is kinda disappointing, although maybe this is the start of companies accepting that PSP Go is a failed experiment..?

(Source: Kotaku)

Get a free game when purchasing a PSPgo till March 21st in U.S. and Canada

Europeans have been fortunate with PSPgo getting a handful of ways to grab free games, but not North Americans finally get their chance to pick up a free title.

From now until March 21st, those who purchase a new PSPgo will get themselves a free copy of Assassins Creed Bloodlines and Little Big Planet PSP. All you have to do after buying a PSPgo is sign onto PSN by creating an account or using a existing account directly on the PSPgo. Then Sony will E-mail you your redemption code will let you download one of the two titles.

This deal is available for U.S. and Canadian residence till March 21st, so if you were thinking about grabbing a PSPgo now is the time.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Rumor: PSPGo getting a UMD add-on via Logitech

If you happen to have a stack of UMDs around and only a PSPGo you will be happy to hear there may be a way to play your old physical games on your PSPGo.

CVG recently got a tip that Logitech  is working on a add on for the PSPGo that will allow the system to use UMDs. The source said the only issue with it right now is that “…it’ll make the PSP a little bulky.”

The source did not reveal if there is a price point or if there is a release date in mind yet.

European PSPGo users get another free game

European PSPGo owners have already been treated to a few free games, but now you can get yet another for free.

Between now and January 10th PlayStation Go owners can download a new special theme. After you download it you should receive a E-mail from Sony giving you a voucher for a free game. You can choose between Assassin’s Creed Blood Lines, Motor Storm: Artic Edge, and if you missed it the first time it was available, Gran Turismo PSP.

You can check out all the nitty gritty details over at PlayStation UK.