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ActRaiser Retrospective

To start this retrospective off, I pose a question: What video game companies are notable for creating some of the best games on the Super Nintendo? Nintendo, Konami, Capcom and Square/Enix will probably be the most common answers as a large portion of these companies 16-bit work are considered timeless classics by the gaming masses. While other companies are also known for creating great SNES games, these are usually one-off endeavors. Examples of this include Human Entertainment’s S.O.S: The Human Escape, Athena’s BioMetal, Beam Software’s Shadow, along many others. This makes Quintet’s achievements even more incredible as not only did they create a slew of great SNES games of consistently great quality, they created ActRaiser: A bastion of game design that merges a well told story with a fun dual gameplay system (just like Bastion!). In short: Quintet could be considered the Monolith Soft of the SNES era. Most of their games weren’t released in the United States, they were constantly finding new ways to innovate the medium even if no-one else cared and out of all the games Quintet ever made, ActRaiser would be their Xenoblade. Continue reading ActRaiser Retrospective