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Ranger X Retrospective

The run and gun genre has consistently remained one of the most well-remembered genres from the pre N64/PS1 era. Ever since Contra invented the notion that you shoot at bad guys and move AT THE SAME TIME there have been a large number of video games aiming to expand on this simple concept. And then some GENIUS from a small japanese video game company called NCS Corp decides that instead of playing as a human (Contra) or a human like robot (Mega Man X) that playing as a robot like robot could provide for an interesting video game. This game would best be known as Cyberbots (or Assault Suits Valken in Japan). The game was hardly a commercial success, although some companies realised that Masaya was onto something here. Cyberbots is often credited for starting the mecha genre, which is less of a genre and more of a collection of games with mechs in them (Popular examples include Zone of the Enders by Hideo Kojima, Border Break by SEGA-AM2, the creators of Shenmue and Outrun) and Oculin’s favourite game of all time: Metal Wolf Chaos) [Editing note from Oculin: No one will get this. Just proceed to the next paragraph.] Continue reading Ranger X Retrospective