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Capcom is Celebrating 15 Years of the Undead

Capcom essentially started the modern idea of a survival horror game. And while the basis for the style can be traced back further they are what comes to mind when one thinks of the survival horror genre. Resident Evil is now 15 years old and the series has come a surprisingly long way in that time. Going from a clunky fixed camera adventure game to a the full on action games that they are today.

You may have noticed that Capcom has announced two remakes and two new 3DS Resident Evil games all slated for this year. The titles are celebrating the series anniversary and it’s definitely paying off because I want to buy every one of them. Check out their little tribute voiced by all time super matrix man, Albert Wesker.


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Resident Evil 4 HD Footage Debunked

Capcom recently announced that both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X would be coming to downloadable services in HD alongside their announcements of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and the Resident Evil: Revelations demo that will be included in Resident Evil: Mercenaries for 3DS. Some footage got out onto the internet, as it always tends to do, and it’s really quite flattering. It shows of Resident Evil 4 gameplay using an Xbox 360 controller and it looks significantly better than any previous version of Resident Evil 4. I don’t really know how much they can do to Code Veronica X considering it’s Dreamcast roots.

The Footage has since been debunked as the PC version of the game that has been tweaked to show the 360 prompts. Still this is a good example of what the game might look like since it was on PC. Check out what the upcoming release may look like below.


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