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Blood Energy Potion

I’m proud to write that Mana Potions will be supporting us once again for our upcoming marathon.  They have just launched a new product, Blood Energy Potion,  and will be donating prize packages to the highest donators.

“Blood Energy Potion (livingwithbloodlust.com)! Its a delicious energy beverage (fruit punch) with the same consistency and similar nutritional content to actual Blood. It provides up to 4 hours of energy with protein, iron, and electrolytes, all in a transfusion style pouch.”

Top Donator: 12pack Blood Energy Potion, Mana Energy Potion Wristband/Mousepad

2nd Runner-Up Donator: 6pk Blood Energy Potion, Mana Energy Potion Wristband/Mousepad

3rd Runner-Up Donator: 3pk Blood Energy Potion, Mana Energy Potion Wristband/Mousepad


I don’t know how the internet works. Oh sure, I know what direction in which to point you should you want to see some eye-scarring Lion King fanart or read a blog post about how the Golden Gate bridge is a sentient being, but I don’t know how it works. For all I know, magical internet gnomes (intergnomes) run on various Dr. Suess-esque treadmills, and their adorable sweat and tears are what allow my computer to run Left 4 Dead just long enough for me to get kicked from every game for being a n00b.

Fortunately, Britt and Local were able to teach me how to make the possessed computer box work, and now I’m driving my big truck of tubes right into your face! So brace yourselves, because I’m going to be updating with various video game-themed art every so often.

As a test, here’s an old Resident Evil pic I did a few years back. If my posting this causes the site to shut down, we know I need to be taught a few more things.

Licker, Bandersnatch, and Hunter

Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles shipping November 17th for North America

While the Wii has already been hit by a slew of on-rail shooters, Capcom is hoping there’s still room for Darkside Chronicles which will be infecting stores shelves November 17th.  If you pre-order at GameStop you can get your very own Zombie T-shirt, which allows you to pull the bottom over your head to give you a zombie face, absolutely free.

You can also grab the T-shirt over at Capcom’s Store.

(Souce: GoNintendo)