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“Ultimate” Deathsmiles UK edition announced

For the UK edition of Deathsmiles, the UK publisher Rising Star Games confirmed that their edition of the game will be recieving content not found in editions. The “Ultimate” edition will contain the complete version of the game, the Mega Black DLC (An expanded version of the game with an extra character and a new stage) integrated into the game, A desktop accessory pack and the official soundtrack of the game. Nice to see that you get the soundtrack for the game (I’m looking at you BlazBlue) although I was hoping for a face plate considering that’s what the US limited edition got, although it’s nice to see Rising Star treating their fans like this. Fingers crossed that this does well to provide more money to bring over other CAVE game (DoDonPachi: Dai Ou Jou anyone?)

Source: (Gameinformer)

Rising Star packing Exclusive Content with UK relese of DeathSmiles

Rising Star are currently famous for being the only recognisable publisher in the UK for consistently publishing weird, unique and Niche Japanese titles for the UK market (No More Heroes 1&2, Little King’s Story, Muramasa: The Demon Blade) acquired DeathSmiles a couple of months ago for a release Spiring 2011. In a press release earlier today, Rising Star announced that this version will contain content never before seen in the US or even in JP!

[b]“The European edition will be a collectible in its own right, offering content not available in either of the Japanese or US editions,” product manager Yen Hau told MCV.

“It is something unique to Europe, which will make collectors very happy. We expect incredibly good figures at retail.”[/b]

More news about the UK release will be announced sometime in the new year. And the new year can’t arrive any faster.

Source: (MCVuk)

Rising Star thinking of publishing CAVE games in the UK

Rising Star, a UK pubisher famous for publishing niche games to the UK such as the No More Heroes series, Little, Kings Story, Muramasa: The Demon Blade etc have confirmed that they will be publishing DeathSmiles for the UK as well as thinking about publishing other CAVE games in the UK. More on the story after the jump.

Source (Siliconera)

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