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Ixion Saga Announced By Capcom

Rumours were circulating, as they do, when Capcom registered for the trademark for Ixiom Saga. Today, some, if only one or two, details were revealed in Japanese magazine Famitsu.

The PC-Exclusive Game is set to be purely online based, with eight versus eight players. The only other details known at the moment is that players will be able to customise their character from one of three classes – Striker (Swords), Caster (Magic) and Blaster (Big Guns) and will not only do battle with other players, but also with giant monsters.

While the release date is not until next summer, the Alpha Test is due to begin by the end of July, so stay tuned for more details about this game. This will be Capcom’s second online game with Monster Frontier Hunter Online their other online IP, with no indication if it will be dropped when Ixion Saga is released.

(Source: Andriasang )

Rage’s Dead City

Rage is the newest shooter from ID and it looks to be taking a totally different road than most of their other games. Rather than being a straight corridor shooter like usual Rage is an open world apocalypse. You can participate in races and car combat as well as exploring the wastes and shooting mutants in the face. There is a new demo video showing off an area known as the Dead City. Check it out after the jump.


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Brink Gets Anti-Delayed

Brink is the multiplayer shooter with a heavy focus on movement and it’s set to be Bethesda’s first multiplayer shooter. It looks pretty neat and they have detailed some very interesting systems as far as character progression and your goals during a match go. The game was originally set to release on May 17th, but they have moved it up 7 days to May 10th. I look foward to checking it out when it comes out because it is so rare that a multiplayer shooter really takes chances like this one.


Mass Effect 3 Hitting PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 Same Day

This may be unsuprising considering the work EA is putting into the upcoming Mass Effect 2 port, but it is interesting considering how big of an Xbox exclusive this game started out being. I can safely say it wasen’t Halo, but Mass Effect  that made me get a 360. Mass Effect is a fantastic Sci-Fi universe up there with the likes of Star Trek for me, and the series has been, like many other Bioware classics, based around player choice.

The original game boasted that the character transfer to the second game would be significant in it’s effect and they did not lie. The choices made in one have some pretty major effects on the world you adventure through in two. It looks like next Holiday anyone with an HD capable console or decent PC will be able to enjoy Bioware’s Opus.

The funny thing is that while it may be coming to all three console the character transfer capabilities have all but confirmed that I will own the trilogy on 360.


Kane & Lynch 2 Pre-order Details and New Trailer

There are actually 4 packs from 4 different retailers. Amazon has a pack that includes a code that unlocks a special “Goodbye Katty” gun and an exclusive 16 page comic preview. Gamestop has the Greed and Betrayal Multiplayer Pack which includes a new map called Radio Tower. Bestbuy has a pack of 6 Chinese novelty mask’s to wear in multiplayer, and Walmart has a multiplayer focused strategy guide.

There is also a co-op trailer for you to enjoy.

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Nintendo bringing a top down shooter to DSi ware

The closest Nintendo has come to developing a Shoot’em up type title in recent years is the Star Fox series and a few mini-games in games like Wario Ware. Nintendo is changing that with it’s new top down shooter for DSiWare called Aa Mujyou Setsuna (which Kotaku translated to “Ah Cruel Instant” or “Oh Heartless Moment”) which will be available on  September 2nd in Japan for 500points. Whether or not this is the DSiWare title Nintendo Power teased is unknown at this point. We will just have to wait and see in next month’s Nintendo Power.

Aa Mujiyou Setsuna’s Website