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SOCOM 4 reveal trailer

Here is the reveal trailer that popped up on Game Trailers TV last night. No gameplay, but a nice cinematic trailer to get you pumped up.

Zipper Interactive also released another version of the trailer with developer commentary over it talking about exactly what they were going for with the trailer. You can check that out below the main trailer.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

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Sony’s big sequel revealed as SOCOM 4

Sony is reving up the SOCOM franchise again with a new entry in the series, SOCOM 4. The title is being developed by Zipper Interactive, the original developers of the SOCOM series, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

While the mutliplayer has always been the major focus of the SOCOM series, Zipper Interactive is trying to make a memorable single player experience this time around without sacrificing the quality of the online multiplayer.

The single player takes place in a south asian country that has been seized under control of a militant revolutionary. You and a squad of 5 elite men are trying to stop him.

It won’t be a cake walk though as Zipper is focusing specifically on the AI to make sure enemies will give you a run for your money. To help you push through these challenges there will be commands you can order to your squad in real time to out smart your opponents.

Worse comes to worse though, you can lower the difficulty with a variety difficulty settings that will help you breeze through missions or test your skills as a soldier.

This plot will stretch over 14 missions and Zipper believes that the single player alone will have at least 12 hours of gameplay.  Your experience won’t end there as SOCOM 4 will have a 32 player online mode as well.

SOCOM 4 is expected to hit this Fall and will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Screen shots are after the jump.

(Announcement and Screen shot source: PlayStation Blog)
(Additional Details Source: IGN)

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