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Sonic Colours Multiplayer Details

Sonic Colours on Wii will feature a co-op player mode but won’t star Sonic as we know him..

Just like in the New Super Mario Bros Wii you will be able to play the hedgehogs adventurewith a friend, but unlike with Mario, you wont be able to play as Sonic himself. Instead, you play as different colours of robot versions of sonic as you zoom through the levels created for two players.

This multiplayer co-op is not available from the beginning, you have to secret rings in the main adventure to unlock them. In my opinion, that’s more exciting.

The main aim of this mode is to combine Wisp abilities to find secrets and survive. For example: when you need to pass blocks for any reason, you can work together by setting off the laser and drill power-ups at the same time to make a super laser drill! But although you’ll need to work together, you will be competing to collect more rings than your friend.

Sounds good like, eh? (:

I hope I’m not the only one who has been replaying the theme song to this game constantly ever since the trailer came out..

(Source: ComputerandVideogames)