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Space Agency Possibly Jumping Ship to 3DS

Quite some time ago, Audio Inc announced a new Nintendo DS RPG called Space Agency. But we haven’t heard much since.

But recently on Audio’s twitter, the title came up again along with mention of Nintendo’s 3DS. “Today is a hot summer day; it might be because of all the information out of E3. Space Agency is exceptionally well-suited for the 3DS! A vast 3D universe with a lot of depth, docked with the traditional world of pixels.

The team doesn’t seem to have 3DS development kit yet, so it sounds like whether the title will make the jump largely depends on when they actually get the dev kit.

Previously the team developed Sakura Note, which has yet to be localized. And it doesn’t sound like it will be either.

You can check out the fairly old trailer for Space Agency after the jump.

(Source: Tiny Cartridge)

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