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New Titles Announced for PlayStation Move (Update)

PlayStation Motion has some already released and announced titles on board, but what about titles announced alongside the PlayStation motion?

The First title is Sports Champions is a mini game collection. Two of the 6 mini games were shown off in this Collection:  Gladiator Duel and Table Tennis.  Gladiator Duel is a one on one fighter were players use PlayStation Move controllers to use a sword and a shield. Table Tennis is Table Tennis using the PlayStation Move.

Move Party, a second mini collection, sounds similar to the original Eye Toy titles where players are in the title itself and the PlayStation Motion controller is replaced with ingame objects.

One title that isn’t a mini game collection is Motion Fighter is a one on one alley fighter. The game uses PlayStation Motion controllers to give the player 1:1 control over their character’s fists. The game uses a black and white visual style with some light mixtures of colors. The title is in the Pre-alpha stage and is only about 20% complete.

Update: The Shoot is a title coming as well that is Sci-fi on rails shooter. The shoot players like any other on rails shooter with the exception of some additional motion. For example spinning and doing a 360 in real life activates a bullet time type motion and players can lean to avoid attacks.

(Mini Game Source: Destructoid)
(Motion Fighter and Image Source: Destructoid)
(The Shoot Source: Kotaku)