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Legend Comparasion TSG

Tomb Raider Trilogy Comparison Shots

Do you ever wonder what Tomb Raider of old would look like with new fancy HD visuals that tightened up the graphics on level 3 and the rest of the game? Then look no further after the jump!

Crystal Dynamics has released some screenshots to show what you can expect with the upcoming Tomb Raider Trilogy. You’ll only find titles titles after the jump, but that’s because the final title in the collection, Tomb Raider Underworld was already released on PlayStation 3.

Tomb Raider Trilogy is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 3 March 22nd in North America, soon followed by Europe on the 25th.

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Mind Jack TSG sized

TSG Video Review: MindJack

A review that’s a bit overdue, MindJack for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! This third person shooter comes to us from the unlikely developers Feel Plus along with Square-Enix as the publisher.

MindJack puts a unique spin on the third person shooter with online mechanics found in few other titles, along with the ability to “MindJack” units, essentially possessing them. But are these features enough to push MindJack beyond that of the likes of Gears of War or Vanquish? Or is it simply one big gimmick.

Find out in our review after the jump!


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Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection

Interlude Spans 15 Hours in FFIV: Complete Collection

In the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV, not only are you getting Final Fantasy IV but Final Fantasy IV: After Years and a new chapter called the “Interlude.”

Interlude is set to cover a time peroid between Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV After Years. Previously, Square-Enix hadn’t been too specific on how big the chapter would be. And while it is far from a full forty hour RPG, the chapter still clocks in at a hefty fifteen hours. With Final Fantasy IV and After Years on the disc as well, the Complete Collection is going to keep you busy.

In Interlude you will start at level 30, rather than 1. And while the battle system of the After Years remains unchanged, Interlude keeps the classic battle system from the SNES release of Final Fantasy IV.

(Source: Siliconera)


Final Fantasy IV recieving Collectors Edition in Europe

For all European FF fans out there, Square Enix is released a collectors edition for the complete PSP version of FFIV. This isn’t surprising cosidering that Square Enix have had a rather interesting history of releasing a lot of their PSP collectors editions in Europe such as Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Lord of Arcana (The Limited Edition of Tactics Ogre came out last week over here and I encourage all of you to get it). The 6th port of FFIV contains the original game, FFIV: The After Years Which was a sequel to the story released on Japanese Cell Phones and through WiiWare along with a brand new interlude chapter connecting the two games in question. The collectors edition will include a series of Bromide art cards, a PSP screen cloth as well as a DLC voucher for Final Fantasy 012 Duodecim XX Accent Core or whatever it’s called. The game will hit the UK on April 22 which is a mere 3 days after the American release date of April 19th.

Source: (JoyStiq)

Final Fantasy III iPhone

Final Fantasy III iPhone and DS Comparison Shots

Next month Final Fantasy III will be hitting the iPhone in Japan. On a more powerful platform, we have to ask if the title will be seeing any visual enhancements. And while the changes are fairly minor, they definitely have fine-tuned the product.

Siliconera has put together a handful of comparison shots, comparing the Nintendo DS title with the new iPhone screenshots. While you can find one comparison after the jump, you can check out Siliconera’s site for more.

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Final Fantasy III Iphone Will Be A Remake Of DS Version

Huzzah! More Final Fantasy News! A few days ago, Oculin reported on the annoucement of an FFIII port to the Iphone. Today, Famitsu confirmed that insted of being a port, it would be a fully fledged remake of the DS version. The Iphone version will contain completly redone visuals for the Iphones High Definition screen, The Iphone version will contain a virtual D pad whhich canbe used to select your commands and then the enemy can be tapped to attack. The Iphone version will also contain a monster viewer gallery with redesigned monster cards. The Iphone version has been set for a general March release with nothing concrete in that region however, screenshots will soon be released in the near future.

Source: (Andriasang)


Final Fantasy IV PSP includes Extra chapter

Yet more news from Famitsu today! For anyone who thought that six ports wasn’t enough, FFIV PSP will be the definitive release of the game including redone sprites, arranged music (You can switch to the original music any time you want), a gallery mode including pictures and movies included in the game as well as bundling in FFIV: The After Years which was previously only avaliable through Japanese cell phones and through WiiWare. As well as containing these, a brand new chapter would also be included in the collection. The chapter entitled “Interlude” will be created by Takashi Tokida who originally worked on FFIV and it will take place between the two games, starting with the heroes gathering at Damcyan castle to mark the recovery of the castle. The game will have its regular and standard editions released on March 24th and there is no word on an English localisation (It’s Final Fantasy so it’ll probably happen).

Source: (Andriasang)


XenoGears gets Orchestrated Soundtrack and NA PSN release this week

This week is a good week to be a Xenogears fan (On the contrary, It’s never good to be a Western Xenoblade fan).The Xenogears Orchestrated Soundtrack that contains Orchestrated versions personally chosen by Yasnori Mitsuda and the various fans that voted for a selection of tracks will be released Tommorow. If that is too long to wait, The game in question, Xenogears should be avaliable from NA PSN Starting today from $5.99. The game has been out on JP PSN since June 2008 considering Sqeenix’s previous track record, over 2 years isn’t too bad (Shame EU will have to wait longer). Either way, NA PSN can still look forward to other Squeenix RPG’s such as Vagrant Story which should come out some time in the near future.

Source: (JoyStiq)

Final Fantasy III Logo

Final Fantasy III Heading to iPhone

In North America and Europe, Final Fantasy III is a DS exclusive. What if you don’t have a DS though? If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you’re be in luck.

Square-Enix announced today that Final Fantasy III will be heading to the app store. Outside of a March 2011 release date, Square-Enix doesn’t provide us with anymore information than that. Exactly in what form the iPhone version will launch is unknown. The teaser site uses art created specifically for the Nintendo DS version, and the iPhone should be perfectly capable of handling it. But with the PSP remake of Final Fantasy IV returning to the series 2D roots, it wouldn’t be all that surprising for an enhanced 2D version.

Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Legacy Edition

Europe getting Duodecim Dissidia Legacy Edition

Looking forward to Square-Enix’s latest fighter featuring characters of the Final Fantasy series? Check out the title’s special Legacy Edition! The package is a bit light, but it definitely has some stuff worth looking at here.

First up, players get a special white case and artwork, that won’t be found with the standard edition version of the title, creating a fancy little collector’s package. Within the package you’ll find six lithogram art prints of Kain, Yuna, Vaan, and a few more characters. You’ll also find a voucher inside for downloadable costumes for Tifa and Squall along with another voucher for 50% off your purchase of Final Fantasy I and II off PSN.

Again, a bit of a light package, but the fancy art and cards look worth it. You can check out the bundle after the jump.

Duodecim Dissidia: Final Fantasy is set for March 25th in Europe. North Americans can grab the title three days earlier, on the 22nd. No legacy edition announced for North America yet.

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