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OILD: 30th Floors

Day 5! Day 5 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! This is a goofy, fake holiday meant to build hype for The Speed Gamers’ Zelda marathon, which starts December 12th! We’re raising money for Mercy Corps, so I hope you all help us out by promoting and donating! Well, we’re big Nintendo fans here at TSG, but it’s time to pay tribute to Nintendo’s former rival. That’s why today’s ice level is the 30th Floors, from Super Monkey Ball!

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Super Monkey Ball rolling out to Playstation Vita

SEGA has announced that Super Monkey Ball is rolling to the Playstation Vita sometime in the year of 2012. The game will utilize the features of the Playstation Vita such as the dual analog sticks and front and back touch controls. SEGA states that there will be new worlds and updated graphics. As well as four player multiplayer over Wi-Fi and revamped mini-games. Check out a short trailer below.


(Source: Destructoid)

Super Monkey Ball Rolls Onto 3DS

Super Monkey Ball is returning… but in 3D! The next title scheduled in the series is set for Nintendo 3DS, although exactly when is not mentioned. In the mean time, we have the lovely trailer which you can check out after the jump.

The last time, Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll released earlier this year on the Wii. I actually didn’t hear any sort of rumbling around the title when it did release. I’m curious how much life the franchise has in it.

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