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Fan Translation in the Works for Tales of Vesperia on PS3

Sure, you may have played the Xbox 360 version of Tales of Vesperia, but the PS3 version has content absent from the 360 version, including full voice acting, a new character, new gameplay elements, and more. So how do you enjoy all of this content if you do not know how to speak the language of moon speak? A fan translation!

The team behind the Tales of Graces fan translation announced that they will also be fan translating the PS3 release of Tales of Vesperia. Currently, it is a side project as the Tales of Graces translation begins to wrap up.

It’s unfortunate that fans have to go ahead and do this, especially since the Tales series seems to have a fairly large following outside of Japan. Oh well. Tales of Xillia… maybe?

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Namco Bandai says “no plans” for US release of Tales of Vesperia on PS3

Namco Bandai has been fairly tight lipped when it comes to the PlayStation 3 port of the 2008 Xbox 360 exclusive Tales of Vesperia. The PS3 port came out in Japan late last year, but there have been no official signs for a western release of the game.

Namco Bandai spoke about the PlayStation 3 port to GamePro. Unfortuantely what they had to say wasn’t exactly good news as they said the company currently has no plans on releasing the port in North America.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t ever make it over as publishers like to keep their lovely little secrets at times, but it does still keep open the possibility that the port may never go west.

As of right now the only clue on a western release for the title is a retailer listing in Europe. They confirmed that they were expecting to stock the PlayStation 3 version some time in the future and that the listing was not a mistake on their part.

Rumor: PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia seeing localization

German retailer Computeruniverse.net is taking pre-orders what appears to be the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia. As of right now the title has not been announced for localization by Namco Bandai for any region.

Siliconera contacted the company to ask about the listing to see if it was a mistake and Computeruniverse  replied “This is really the version for the PS3, but unfortunately we can not estimate the delivery date at this moment.

Tales of Vesperia voice actor says Tales of Vesperia Wii comment was a mistake

The voice actor for Duke in Tales of Vesperia the other day said a comment that made it sound like Tales of Vesperia was heading to Wii in some form. After the news spread around he corrected his comment on his blog.

When I mentioned being on sale for the Wii, I meant Tales of Graces, and not Tales of Vesperia! I truly apologize to everyone for the misunderstanding!!!

This could be disappointing for some Wii owners who are fans of the Tales series, but with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World already on the platform and Tales of Graces most likely coming out some time next year for North America and hopefully Europe I’m sure they are already plenty happy already.

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Rumor: Tales of Vesperia heading to Wii in some form

The Japanese voice actor of Duke in Tales of Vesperia recently blogged about Tales of Vesperia franchise. Within the post he mentions Tales of Vesperia heading to Wii, but  the voice actor doesn’t mention whether or not the game is a direct port or a spin off though.

Tales of Graces doesn’t look half bad on the Wii, so if it was ported I could imagine it making a somewhat smooth transition. Although it could never look as good as the 360 and PS3 versions though, but for those limited to just the Wii could definitely appreciate it.

Namco Bandai is thinking about Tales of Vesperia 2

Tales games have a few sequels but many of their titles are stand alone, Tales of Vesperia might be one of titles that get a sequel though.  Namco Bandai general manager  Makoto Yoshizumi said that there is a growing interest within the company to create a sequel to Tales of Vesperia. The staff often asks “Will you be making Vesperia 2?” in which he responds “Don’t talk like a fan!”

As for what point Tales of Vesperia 2 is at right now he leaves it at “We’re thinking about it.” which is always a good sign. Yoshizume said that they have a interest in creating another movie as well.

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