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After Four Months of waiting patiently: Tales of Xillia is finally announced

On August 18th of this year (AKA my 17th Birthday), Namco posted a teaser website for an upcoming Tales of game showing gorgeous concept art and a countdown stating that the next game would be announced 120 days from then. 120 days later, we have Tales of Xillia. Namco trademarked Zestia, Faithus and Xillia as possible names. Zestia left a sour taste in people’s mouth and Faithus was removed on divine intervention later to leave Xillia as the final title. A trailer has been posted on Namco’s site along with a couple of static screenshots from the game. Famitsu have also posted news bout the game as well as a few other detiled being confirmed at the Tales of 15th anniversary party today. Join me after the jump to see what all the fuss is about.

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New Tales of game announced next week

As many of you know, Namco has been pretty secretive in releasing info for their next main Tales of Game (Grace F was released last week and Radiant Mythology 3 will be released on the PSP and PSN Febuary 29th). So this is probably a good time to remind all Tales of fans that Namco will finally unveil the mysteries of their next mothership title. Detaisare scarce about the game other than Namco have trademarked “Tales of Zestia”, “Tales of Xillia” and “Tales of Faithus” More details will be released December 16th 8am GMT (That’s 1pm EST if my Time Zone knowledge is correct).

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Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 PSN Bound

Radiant Mythology 1 was a game styled like a MMORPG containing various cameos from the Tales of series as well as having the unique story mechanic of having the main character interested in women no matter which gender you pick for the protagonist (It was also released in the US, even the UK!). Radiant Mythlogy 2 was never released over here due to poor sales of the first game however to anyone with access to a JP PSN account it will be possible to import RM3 without the hassle of import tax.

The third game in the series contains a huge amount of characters compared to predecessors with a total of 80 playable characters (76 playable). The game will cost 5700 en digitally (~$70 but that’s inflation for you) and 6279 en (~$75) and will be released Febuary 10th 2011.

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Venus & Braves to feature over 20 Tales of characters

To capitalise on the Tales of fandom (and their now non existant US/UK fanbase), Namco Bandai announced that they’d be over 20 playable Tales of Characters cameoing in Venus and Braves; a Niche PS2 JRPG that is getting a PSP remake. The game was never released overseas (surprise surprise) however it adopted an interesting game mechanic in that the main character was immortal and that over time, your party memmbers would eventually wither and die. Obviously I’d love for this game to be released overseas though Namco doesn’t have a good track record of that.

Venus and Braves getting PSP Remake with Tales of cameos

Never heard of Venus and Braves before? Neither have I! However from what I can gather it was a PS2 RPG released by Namco/Bandai (hence why non japanese folk haven’t heard of it) which features a unique take of the idea of permenant death in that your character would never die, his party members would age and eventually die throughout the progression of the game (Blade of the Immortal anyone?) Today, Namco announced that the cult classic would e remade for the PSP as well as including various cameos from the Tales of series. So far, Colette from Symphonia, Yuri from Vesperia and Leon from Destiny have been confirmed and make sure to cross yoru fingers for an overseas release.

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Zestia? Faithus? Xillia? Either way it’s all Tales of

And so the new PS3 Tales of gane that will commemorate 15 years is finally named… kindof. Namco have trade marked five names for the next installment of their popular RPG Series: Zestus, Faithus, Xillia and two versions of it in Katakana (Hopeful overshores release much?). Aside from some gorgeous promotional artwork, very little is known about the game although Namco have released a teaser site showing that more will be known about it in 64 days time (16th of December by my calculations).

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