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SEGA Details Changes in Valkyria Chronicles 3; New Screens

With the original Valkyria Chronicles, growth was more focused on classes rather than individual character.  And while Valkyria Chronicles won’t be getting rid of the class system for the third entry, it will be making some major changes to it.

Like in Valkyria Chronicles 2, players will have five classes including the Armored Soldier, Scout, Shocktrooper, Lancer, and Engineer. The big difference is that each individual character can freely change between these classes. Although SEGA hints that certain characters will perform better as certain classes.

Now, when applying experience points, your entire squad benefits, rather than a single class. Players upgrade five different parameters which apply to their entire unit.

While SEGA is keeping the potential element for each individual character, SEGA is adding different sections of potentials. “Personal Potentials” are strictly story line related and cannot be changed. Players do have more freedom over “Battle Potentials”, which can be chosen by the via the “Master Table”. If players play their cards right, they can unlock “High Potentials”, which are rarer than the standard.

Considering we got Valkyria Chronicles 2 a good six months later than Japan, it could be awhile till we see the title despite a January release for our Eastern friends.  In the mean time, you can check out some new screens and concept art over on andriasang.

(Source: IGN)
(Via: VG247)

Some New Details on Valkyria Chronicles 3

A week ago SEGA held a Valkyria Chronicles 3 event in Japan that gave the Japanese press an early look at the official game demo set for release on PlayStation Network this week. The event included some Q&A with questions asked by the audience and from the internet and twitter feeds.

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Valkyria Chronicles 3 preview

As we all know Valkyria Chronicles started on the PS3, and VC2 was then put on the PSP…for no apparent reason. From what I can tell Sony is just trying to keep the PSP on life support by pumping out these not necessarily A+ games but, games good enough for people to buy, type of games. Which is probably why VC3 is also going to be on the PSP.

Now, I haven’t finished the original yet, but it looks like this preview somewhat retells what happened in the past two games…and then probably a little taste of whats to come? I don’t know, it’s all in Japanese…so I’m just going by the animation.

Video after the break:
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SEGA Accidentally Confirms Valkyria Chronicles 3

If the teaser site didn’t give it away or the registration of the domain name “Valkyria3.jp,” then this will. SEGA uploaded their TGS line up with a few “coming soon” sections in their line up. But if you change the image URL extension from .gif to .jpg, Wala! 戦場のヴァルキュリア3, aka Valkyira Chronicles 3 appears.

The listing didn’t include a platform though. Hopefully we will find out more details on September 16th. Be sure to check out SEGA’s stage events on the 16th as well.

(Source: ScrawlFX)
(Via: VG247)