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First Virtua On Force Trailer for Xbox 360

While Virtua On Force isn’t exactly visually stunning, it does look like some good fast paced robot action. It reminds me a lot of Gotcha Force and Custom Robo.

The title has so far only been announced for a Japanese release this Winter, but that could change. The title is actually a full retail release on Xbox 360, so we will have to see if SEGA is willing to make the retail push in North America and Europe.

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Virtual On Force Heading to Xbox 360

The 2001 arcade title, Virtual On Force, is heading to Xbox 360 with all new HD visuals and Online play through Xbox Live. Despite the last Virtual On title hitting via  XBLA, this new title is actually a full retail release.

If you are familiar with the arcade version, this release is a port of the arcade’s 7.7 version. This version includes a handful of modes including  2 on 2 leader battles where players must destroy the leaders of each team to win the match and  a co-op boss fight mode where 2 players take on huge bosses.

One other mode included in the home console port will be a Mission mode. This allows players to take on single player missions with an AI partner who you can control via commands. You can improve the partners’ AI through practice missions, and curve him toward a offensive style or defensive style. But if you choose to, you can also play this mode co-op with a friend.

In addition to online gameplay, the 360 version Virtua On Force will include 4 player split screen multiplayer as well.

Virtual On Force is set to hit Xbox 360 this Winter in Japan. The title has yet to be announced for North America or Europe.

(Source: andriasang)
(Image Source: Famitsu)