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Pokemon Black/White Controversy?

Allow the FoxNews commentary to shortly begin!  Pokemon Black/White has already taken a little flack for including the “racial” issues in their box titles, and for their legendary mascot’s frontal plumage.  But now apparently, people are beginning to negatively remark about a possible “ground zero” north of the city which was inspired by New York City.  The game is slated for a March 6th release date this 2010, but I’m sure everything will hit the fan long before that date rolls around.


Source:  Destructoid

Pokemon Black/White : North American Updates

If you’re not keen on staying fairly updated with the recent Pokemon Black/White news, then here’s a nice little update to keep you company.

  • The starter Pokemon names are : Tepig [Fire]. Snivy [Grass]. Oshawott [Water]
  • The new region has been named Unova.  [Although why Isshu was such a big “issue” is kind of strange for me..]
  • Rehiram and Zekrom will be making debuts in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tomorrow morning!  Stick around to see the GIGANTIC renditions of the newest legendary duos.
  • The North American website has been launched.  Check back for more details as the launch date in Spring 2011 comes nearer.
  • Check out Serebii for all the up to date [and confirmed/spoiler tagged] details about the game!

Even though I already have most of the goodies from playing the Japanese version of the game, I still am GIDDY over seeing how everything pans out in America.  Especially in terms of dialog and clear character/faction details.

Source: Joystiq

Pokemon Leak = Jailtime

Under the gigantic column of “most ridiculous arrests ever” seems to be with the poor man known as Makoto Sekiguchi.  On September 1st, he leaked 3 pictures of new pokemon about 18 days before the release of Pokemon Black and White.  While anxious fans gladly were hyped regarding the new pictures, GameFreak apparently was not.

Police have since tracked the man down and have him in custody on claims of copyright infringement.

Point now effectively proven!  Don’t try to promote/hype games before their release dates, because this apparently hurts the game companies in profoundly disastrous ways.  [My marketing friends are STILL in awe over this.]

Source:  NintendoUniverse

Pokemon Black/White Review

Thanks to the fine people over at PlayAsia.com, I was able to import and aquire a Japanese copy of the new Pokemon Black/White video game.  It’s no secret in the forum that I’m the 2nd biggest pokemon fan at TSG, so does this game live up to my expectations, or did it fall by the wayside?

After the jump, learn the truth behind the game’s storyline, the revolutionized gameplay, and the world’s newest pokemon.

Oh, and to obviously get this out of the way.


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Pokemon B/W : More Gen 5 Pokemon Leaked

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 2 days, and you’re a pokemon fan, you probably already know all about this.  But the more casual gamers probably didn’t give it much thought or even a bit of notice.

The October edition of CoroCoro leaked this past Friday, and with it came around 17 “new” pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon Black and White release in 3 days.  For those that don’t wish to be spoiled, I’ve hidden it after the jump.

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New White Knight Chronicles PSP Details

Until now, we’ve been pretty much in the dark about White Knight Chronicles for the PSP. However, Famitsu has now given us a lot of brand new details in their 4 page article of the game. They list the full title as White Knight Chronicles episode:portable Dogma Wars. You can check out some more details after the jump. Continue reading New White Knight Chronicles PSP Details

Pokémon Black Version & Pokémon White Version Monthly Update: August 2010

Here at TSG, Pokémon is one of the most talked about gaming franchises, from the Wi-Fi Battle League to the countless discussion forums. Back in July, I wrote an article for the Pokémon community describing all of the new details we learned about the upcoming Pokémon Black & White Versions that month. Since then, we’ve learned a lot of new information, so I figured it was time to write a new one. Special thanks to the1stpkmnfan, who *sort of* requested this, even though I was planning on doing it anyway. You can check out the August Update for Pokémon Black & White Versions after the jump. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy.
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