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Rumour: Wii U Hardware Development Troubled

An anonymous source inside Nintendo told 01net, a website who’s most notorious claim to credibility was predicting the name of the PSVita as well as leaking the news of the now infamous second control nub peripheral for the 3DS, that the final architecture for the WiiU was rushed out of the door for E3 and that the chip set used for the model didn’t match up for the intended specs of the Wii U. This relates to problems with getting the Wii U tablets to work in the first place as after three prototype model, Nintendo’s engineers are still having problems getting the tablets to work correctly (a fourth prototype is currently in the works). These issues might eventually take a toll on the release date of the console as Nintendo, according to 01net’s source, originally planned to release it next June. 01net’s source claims September as the new launch window.

Source: (vg247)

Vita Delayed in US and EU Until 2012, Might be Sony’s Answer to WiiU

The PlayStation Vita is still on track for a holiday 2011 release, in Japan at least… Sony confirmed that the Vita will not launch outside of Japan in 2011, with a “Phased Global Release” starting there and reaching western shores in the beginning of next year.

Well, here’s a grain of salt for everyone- Apparently features found in the WiiU’s new tablet/controller would be possible on the PS3 using a PS Vita: Gyroscope, all physical controls, front and back touchpads/screens, game streaming, the works.

In combination with cross-platform gaming like with WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD as well as Continuation Play, where your PS3 saves can be instantly ported to your PS Vita system and you can continue on the go- Nintendo’s new system seems to have some direct competition right out of the gate, since both will be released in the same time frame of “sometime in 2012″…

(Sources: CVG and Eurogamer)

Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference

Nintendo’s Big E3 conference came to a wrap today  and, as expected, we heard a few 3DS announcements along with a reveal of Nintendo’s next home platform.


Zelda 25th Anniversary

  • Link’s Awakening now available on 3DS Virtual Console.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords coming to DSiWare this September. Reggie says it is free, but wasn’t clear on if for everyone or just those who attended the conference.
  • Golden Wii Remote will be available for limited time at Skyward Sword’s Launch. Launching this Holiday season.
  • Zelda Symphony Orchestra to go on tour around the world
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack will be made to Club Nintendo members who register the 3DS game early.


Nintendo 3DS

  • Mario Kart 3DS shown, confirming hang gliders, customizable karts and under water propellers
  • Luigi Mansion 2 announced. Includes multiple mansions.
  • Star Fox 3D for this September in North America
  • Super Mario 3DS footage shown. Looks like a mix of Galaxy and Mario 64, as Miyamoto described.  Includes Koopa Kids, Tanookie Suit and flags at the end of the level. Environments look miniaturized, probably due to being on a portable.
  • Kid Icarus footage shown, including new characters. Includes multiplayer, which is 3 on 3 on the show floor at E3.  New Kid Icarus card game on the way, and will support AR gameplay using 3DS’ cameras.
  • Smash Bros being developed for Nintendo 3DS.
  • New third party titles include Ace Combat 3D, Tetris Online, Lego City Stories, and Tekken 3D.
  • Game demos for downloadable and retail titles later this year


Wii U (Wii Successor)

  • Titled WiiU.
  • Controller has a 6.2 inch touch screen. Two analog sticks, both of which are above the D-Pad and DS like buttons. L&R buttons, rumble, gyroscope, accelerometer, front facing camera, speakers and microphone.
  • Play software on either your TV or on WiiU controller. Can also play games using both the TV screen and the controller.
  • Handful of tech demos available, but no first party actual footage.
  • Zelda tech demo showed along with a bird tech demo.
  • Handful of prototypes on the show floor to show off tech. This includes a semi-port of New Super Mario Bros Wii that allows for Mii usage, a space shooter, arrow blocking, a title called Chase Mii, and more. No actual first party WiiU software on show floor today.
  • Smash Brothers also confirmed for WiiU, will feature connectivity with the 3DS Smash Brothers.
  • Third Party software line-up: Dark Stalkers II (confirmed for launch), Tekken, Lego City Stories, Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed (just confirmed support), Ghost Recon Online, Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro Last Light, and Ninja Gaiden 3. EA confirms support and mentions titles like Battlefield 3, but no actual confirmation.



  • There was no Xenoblade during the press conference.