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Gimme Five! Worst Save Systems

Saving may be the best addition to games as a whole since the first caveman thought “man, I can’t wait until someone invents videogames”. It’s nice to think that you can walk away from a game and get back to it on your time. Now saving is easy and straightforward, but that was not always the case. Here are some examples of ways to save that did not quite work out as intended.

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Entertainment Weekly : Recalls Kirby Epic Yarn Fiasco

You may or may not have caught Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen stating that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the WORST game of 2010, because it was “too cute”.  While I’m a strong proponent of free speech and allowing the opinions of others to be heard, Jensen’s reasoning behind the game’s flaw as the worst game [which, frankly, let’s look at some Wii shovelware and compare the two] were weak and baseless at best.

Apparently, Jensen also admits it at this point.  He openly admits that the purpose behind the making of the “worst” game segment was to spark a controversy and get the gaming world talking about “cuteness” in gaming.

Frankly, I don’t see where a “cuteness in gaming” kind of controversy would go anywhere.  Do we really want to completely kill the entire family-friendly market of games?  Gaming market divisions would just as rather cut off their right arm and enter a Twister tournament.

Source:  Destructoid

Gimme Five! Worst New Pokemon

The new Pokemon are out, and like me, I’m sure you’re raring to catch them all. Finding new creatures, training them to become little superheroes, naming them obscene names and trading them to your younger relatives…all great times. Even so, there are those pokemon. You know, THOSE ones. The ones that get caught and then promptly get chucked into a box. The ones you never pull out because you don’t want to look at them. The ones that are weird and creepy even for a game that contains both Jynx AND Mr. Mime. After the jump, here’s a list of five of THOSE kind of pokemon, in no order at all!

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