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Why Do G.I.R.Ls Exist?

This seems like a silly question if I said it out loud, but the above acronym extends to the meaning “Guy in Real Life”, which gets – from what I’ve seen – a lot of negative attention as they are seen as weirdos, scammers or trolls. However, this can be rather unfair as girls who play as guys get little negative light in comparison. So today, I’ll be giving you examples that prove that there exists some positive reasons as to why guys decide to play as girls in an online game.

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World of Warcraft Free Until Level 20

Blizzard has joined the many other games that have been changing their business models in recent months in a bid to entice more players to their juggernaut of an MMO.

Instead of the standard fourteen days and your done, they have put in a level cap for non-paying players at level 20. This also comes with a restriction on how much gold that can be amassed (10), trade skills will be kept at 100 and trading is pretty much impossible, all of which I assume is to stop gold farming.

With reports coming in about Blizzard losing subscribers, as well as The Old Republic on the horizon, this could be the first step in a fully free WoW, but that’s years from happening, if that is the case. Blizzard have already made an estimated $1 billion, at minimum – will be interesting to see if other games follow suit.

(Source: Gamespot )

Faction changes now possible in World of Warcraft

For $30 you can now change from Horde to Alliance or Alliance to Horde. I think we all know which transfer might happen a bit more often. If you decide to make the switch, all your equipment will make the move with you and you will be able to choose from applicable races. You’ll have to wait another 60 days after changing factions before being eligible again.

You must be at least level 10 in order to make the change. Unless you’re around the level 40-50 range, I wouldn’t suggest it because of the ease you can get to those levels now.

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(Source: Blizzard)