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Legal issues keeping Capcom from rereleasing Rival Schools

If you were hoping Rival Schools was heading to PSN, XBLA or any other digital distribution service then you are out of luck.

Capcom’s Chris Svensson said on the Capcom-Unity forums…unfortunately Rival Schools will not be making an appearance. There are IP clearances and rights we no longer have (particularly pertaining to voicework/soundtrack I believe) so our IP management group has told us it can’t be re-released. I’m sorry as it’s one of the ones I really wanted to see be put back up.

For now if you want to play some Rival Schools you will have to dig up the PlayStation 1 version.  Never say never though. Miracles do happen though, look at Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

(via: Destructoid)

Sunsoft acquires Telenet Japan’s entire software library

Sunsoft, who recently rose from the dead in the US market, purchased all of the rights to Telenet Japan’s titles. The now defunct company made many games for the NES, SNES, Genesis / Megadrive, Turbo Graphix 16 and other platforms. Some of their titles include the Valis series,  the Cosmic Fantasy series, Exile, and Tenshi no Uta (Poems of the Angel).

Sunsoft plans on releasing many of Telenet Japan’s titles on the Wii’s Virtual Console and on other platforms. On top of releasing the localized titles they plan on bringing Telenet Japan’s Japanese only titles over to North America as well.

Sunsoft is also looking into making remakes for these classic titles, so except more then just regular ports as well.

XBLA Serious Sam HD pushed back into January

The PC version of the bullet happy shooter Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is already out, but X-box 360 owners will have to wait a bit longer.  For unknown reasons, the X-box Live Arcade version of the title is being pushed back into January 2010.

In the mean time if you don’t have a PC that can run the title you can always go back and play the ports of the first title on last generation systems.

(Source: Destructoid)

Puzzle Quest 2 details, screen shots, and art

Puzzle Quest is back with Puzzle Quest 2 which will be appearing on X-box Live Arcade and Nintendo DS. The sequel will have all new weapons, shields and magic spells along with a variety of modes including Story Mode, Instant Action, Tournament Mode, and Multiplayer Mode. You can expect the title to be available some time during Spring 2010. Pricing for the game on XBLA has yet to be announced.

Capcom announces Final Fight: Double Impact for PSN and XBLA

Final Fight and Magic Sword fans will want to mark their calendars for April 2010 when Capcom will be releasing Final Fight: Double Impact. Final Fight: Double Impact includes two old school “beat em ups” , Final Fight and Magic Sword, in a single package.

As of right now there are no pricing details, but the title will support leaderboards along with online play complete with drop in co-op. Both titles will be seeing a visual face lift that will “make the games shine in crisp and clear HD glory” or players can choose to have the game be displayed in its original form.

(Info & Image source: IGN)