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Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode 40% off all week on X-Box Live

X-box Live Gold members will be able to grab Resident Evil 5‘s Versus mode this week at a 40% discount. I don’t know if or when this deal will come to PSN. If its not already up then keep an eye on the US PlayStation Store update that usually hits on Wednesdays.   The deal isn’t available in Japan though, so if you live in Japan you will be out of luck when it comes to Resident Evil. Instead Golf: Tee It Up is up for 400 points.

(Source: Major Nelsons Blog)

Halo Waypoint avalible on X-box Live November 5th

If you are wondering what Halo Waypoint is and have yet to watch the video, it is basically a stat tracking service on X-box Live which will track achievements and other things from Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo Wars and a place to look at Halo related content. The service will allow you to watch the new upcoming Halo anime on it  and look at other content that relates to Halo.

It will be available on November 5th for all X-box Live member. Come November 26th though the service will become a X-box Live Gold exclusive. If you want more info definitely check out the video above.

(Source: Kotaku)

X-box LIVE Zune, Facebook, and Twitter preview program

If you want a chance to get a early look at the upcoming  Zune, Facebook, or Twitter features for X-box 360 then step right up. Major Nelson announced on his blog that all X-box LIVE members (including all regions that support X-box Live) can sign up to try to get into a preview update.

All you have to do to enter is fill out a survey for them, but not all entrants will be accepted. If you are accepted you will recieve an e-mail in about a week confirming that you can join in the preview update. X-box LIVE silver members can join in too, but Gold members will be given priority.

You can find out all the details on how to enter here.

Facebook and Twitter on U.K. X-box Live November 17th (maybe)

Over the weekend X-box.com updated it’s UK page with the date “November 17th” listed for face book and Twitter support. Since then the date has been changed to “Autumn 2009”.  The damage has been done though. There is not much Microsoft can do at this point except deny the date was ever listed until they announce it or release the update.

(Source: Kotaku)