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Yakuza 3 “Memories” Trailer; New Screen Shots

Become Kazuma and take on the sad memories of his past. There is plenty of PlayStation 2 footage in here, so if you are looking for some eye candy you won’t find any here. Unless you are impressed by PlayStation 2 graphics.

Most of the trailer is just a reminder of past events from the last titles, but to make up for that SEGA put out a nice fresh bunch of screens for all to see.  Only a few more days till Yakuza 3 hits store shelves. Are you ready?

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Localized version of Yakuza 3 loses some content

SEGA announced today that during the localization of Yakuza 3 they cut out the Japanese history trivia game in the title as well as the hostess club.

SEGA explained to IGN that they only had a certain amount of time to localize the title so things got cut, but also said that the features cut wouldn’t have made much sense to localize in the U.S. or U.K. anyways.

A SEGA Europe rep posted on the SEGA blog about the removal saying the cut was essential. “Ultimately, the choice that had to be made was either no Yakuza 3 in the west, or a version of the game that was almost exactly the same, but with a little less trivia.

SEGA assures that none of the content that was cut would interfere with the story of the main flow of  Yakuza 3. Players can still date hostesses as well…they just can’t make use of the hostess clubs.

Yakuza 3 launches March 9th in North America and March 12th in Europe exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

(Image Source: IGN)

Yakuza 3 characters trailer

There are plenty of close ups on faces in this trailer. If you aren’t familiar with the any of these characters and you are grabbing the European version of the game, then you might want to check out the “Who’s Who” feature included with the game in Europe.

Yakuza 3 is scheduled for a March window in North America and March 12 in Europe

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Yakuza 3 comes with a soundtrack and free DLC in Europe and Australia

Most games require you to buy a collectors edition or pre-order for extra swag and DLC, but not Yakuza 3. In Europe its regular edition is its collectors edition and all the extras come free of charge.

Yakuza 3’s normal retail release will include a CD with 31 tracks from the game on it (that is actually quite a bit, most preorders give you a sampler with like 10 songs), free DLC content that you had to purchase in the Japanese Version, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Yakuza franchise, a “Who’s Who” animation that gives you a background on the game and its characters.

Check out the collector edition full size after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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Check out some face crushing action in Yakuza 3’s gameplay trailer

Yakuza 3 is launching exclusively on the PlayStation 3 next month, but details have been relatively scarce for it up to this point. SEGA finally released a new trailer for the localized version of the title though. The first half seems intentionally cheesy while the second half is Kazuma punching and stomping people in the face.

You can check out the full trailer after the jump

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Yakuza 3 heading to stores, not PSN

While this may seem like a no brainer, it would make sense why people would wonder if Yakuza 3 is heaing to stores or not. Looking back at the Sega/Sony leak, Sega was talking to Sony about having Yakuza 3 for download on PSN instead of releasing a physical copy. This would allow Sega to localize the game without having to worry about getting stores to stock the title.

A Gamestop listing confirmed that the title will be coming as a actual physical product which is just fine by me since I like having a physical product.

Yakuza 3 is heading to store shelves in March for both Europe and North America. Be sure to check out the announcement trailer if you missed it.

(Source: Siliconera)

Amazon Germany lists Yakuza 3

Amazon.de listed Yakuza 3 for preorder today. The listing says that the title has a March 2010 release which would be a little over a year since the games initial release in Japan.

If the title does head to Europe we could probably assume that the title will also be heading to North America unless Sega pulls a Nintendo on us.

While Sega has yet to officially announce that Yakuza 3 is getting localized, all signs are really pointing to yes. 1up at one point heard from a inside source that the title was being localized as well and of course there is that Sega/Sony leak that happened a few months ago where they discussed Yakuza 3. Now stack this on top and you have quite a bit of supporting evidence.

I’d say its fairly safe to assume it is coming out eventually in Europe and North America. It is just a matter of when Sega will announce it.

(Source: Destructoid)

Yakuza 3 invading the west

Just the other day Sega defended Yakuza 3 from claims of the localization being canceled. Now the team over at 1UP have sources saying that the localization is indeed happening. They didn’t say if was Sega or another company localizing it, but they did say the title would be coming to both North America and Europe.

1UP also noted that Yakuza 2’s localization was announced at TGS back in 2007, so keep your eyes peeled for a possible official announcement around that time.