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Yakuza 4 Locations Trailer

You could visit all the places in Yakuza 4 in real life… But that’s expensive. Instead, buy Yakuza 4! For only $60 you can visit and enjoy the luxuries Kamurocho right from your living room couch, and in the shoes four playable bad-asses. Women, wine, and husky male disembodied voices talking to you about activities and locations in Yakuza 4. That’s what Kamurocho is all about.  You can get a look at all of them after the jump.


So when’s your flight? March 15th, exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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No Umbrellas For Yakuza 4’s Story Trailer

If you’re a bad-ass, you don’t do umbrellas… at least according to Yakuza 4’s Trailer. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in term of story here. If you’re familiar with the story of Yakuza already, it won’t tell you much. But if you have no idea what Yakuza is, then hitting the jump will tell you exactly what that is.

If you want some Zombie-free bad-assery, you can pick up Yakuza 4 in March only on PlayStation 3.

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Sega Says Yakuza 4 Will Come Over Mostly Intact

The hostess stuff will be back in Yakuza 4 after the outrage that followed the gigantic cuts from Yakuza 3.  Community manager Aaron Webber said that he did not know if any of the game’s side-quest were going to get cut, however both Mahjong and some dress up games with the hostesses will be in it.

It looks as though Sega has finally realized who is buying the Yakuza games in the west and what they are interested in. An accurate depiction of Japan with all of the trappings of their modern culture, and of course the absolutely insane plot that you would only find from Yakuza based fiction.

(Source: Computer and Videogames)

Yakuza 4 Combat Screenshots

Zombies!? Who needs zombies when you can beat up your normal every day Japanese thugs. Sure, Yakuza 4 has been out in Japan for almost a year now. But in North America and Europe, we still have till Q1 2011 for the release.

Yakuza 4 brings in three more playable characters aside Kazuma. That means that there will be more ways for you to smash faces in. The screenshots after the jump show this, as there plenty of painful sights throughout.

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Yakuza 4 in America Awoah-o

Yakuza 4 has been confirmed for a US release this spring. There is no real news of whether or not the more intrinsically Japanese elements such as the Host and Hostess clubs will make their way over as well. Yakuza has had an interesting history in America. The first game got an incredible Localization including voices from known actors. When that game didn’t sell the localizations have seen a wane in quality and for a long time there was no reason to believe that 3 was ever going to get localized. At least we know we are still getting more of the games.

Check out the announcement trailer after the jump.

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