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Entertainment Weekly : Recalls Kirby Epic Yarn Fiasco

You may or may not have caught Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen stating that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the WORST game of 2010, because it was “too cute”.  While I’m a strong proponent of free speech and allowing the opinions of others to be heard, Jensen’s reasoning behind the game’s flaw as the worst game [which, frankly, let’s look at some Wii shovelware and compare the two] were weak and baseless at best.

Apparently, Jensen also admits it at this point.  He openly admits that the purpose behind the making of the “worst” game segment was to spark a controversy and get the gaming world talking about “cuteness” in gaming.

Frankly, I don’t see where a “cuteness in gaming” kind of controversy would go anywhere.  Do we really want to completely kill the entire family-friendly market of games?  Gaming market divisions would just as rather cut off their right arm and enter a Twister tournament.

Source:  Destructoid

Kirby’s Epic Yarn : Hitting Europe February 25

Looks like Santa Nintendo thought Europe was naughty this year!

Sadly enough, Europe won’t be getting their hands on Kirby’s Epic Yarn until February 25, 2011.  While the ridiculous amounts of wait time between localizations in the separate countries continues to confound the marketer in me, at least we won’t have a repeat of Australia’s luck with No More Heroes or Rock Band.

Source: Joystiq