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OILD – Danger – Icy Conditions Ahead

Day 15! Only 10 more days until Obligatory Ice Level Day, and the big marathon’s on Friday! I’m happy about this, so today I’m posting about a stage from my favorite game of all time. It’s “Danger – Icy Conditions Ahead” from Yoshi’s Island!


I love Yoshi and I love Yoshi’s Island! Clearly I couldn’t pass up this stage. Right from the get-go, this game tells you there are slippery floors and that fire attacks will melt the ice. It even gives you a red watermelon (which gives you the aforementioned fire attacks) just so you can try it out. This level also has many Bumpties. What’s a Bumpty? It’s a cute little dot-eyed penguin that, if touched, sends you bouncing back as if they were made of rubber. You also have to hop across ski lifts ridden by snowmen in fezzes, and even navigate huge stacks of ice blocks.

However, about halfway through the stage you see the real appeal of this ice level. After a quick change in a booth, Yoshi dons a pair of skis and takes to the slopes! There are many treacherous jumps though, and one wrong move can cause you to trip over a rock, snowball down a hill, and wind up in a bottomless pit. The downhill ride starts off in a cold, snowy area, but after a bit you’re treated to a lovely view of the clouds, the sunrise, and a flock of Goonie birds flying in the distance. Just uh… just watch out for the undead Skeleton Goonies that try to drop missiles on you along the way.


Yeah, I had a lot of fun making today’s wallpaper. Like it too? Then get the full version here!

And here we have some music! Now, Yoshi’s Island doesn’t have specific ice music. However, the song Yoshi’s Athletic (aka “Obstacle Course,” aka “Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts!”) was remade in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. And in Brawl, Yoshi’s stage cycles through the seasons, and Yoshi’s Athletic changes when it hits wintertime. So here’s Yoshi’s Athletic (Winter), from Super Smash Brothers Brawl!

And here we have a bonus remix! To continue the Donkey Kong theme from yesterday: Christmas Cave is a remix of Ice Cave Chant, the “Slipslide Ride” level music from Donkey Kong Country, by deim0s. It has some nice bell and piano sounds to it, and of course it’s a great choice of source material.

Also, I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s promoting the marathon and the soundtrack! I know I don’t respond much on the forums, but trust me, you have my undying gratitude. Give yourselves a hand!