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Ys Seven Launching August 17th

Falcom’s PlayStation Portable exclusive Ys Seven suddenly received a release date from XSeed Games. The North American publisher announced that the title will be launching August 17th – only two weeks away.

The title is the first in a series of PSP Ys releases that Xseed Games will be localizing. The other two titles, Ys I & II Chronicles and Ys: Oath in Felghan, will be launching later this year and in early 2011.

Ys Seven’s North American release also boasts a fanciful collector’s edition. There are no plans for a retail release of Ys titles in Europe, but the titles will be available via digital download on PlayStation Network in the future.

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Ys Heading to Europe Via Digital Download Through PSN; Ys VS Sora no Kiseki JP Trailer

Europe won’t be lucky enough to get physical copies of Falcom’s PSP titles Ys SEVEN, Ys: Oath of in Felghana, or Ys I & II Chronicles, but they will be available via digital download through PlayStation Network.

The European release of the titles will happen shortly after the North American release. There is still a chance for UMD releases, but XSeed, the  publisher behind the titles in North America, says it’s “unlikely.” Xseed is a North American exclusive publisher, so this is about all they can do for Europe. Hopefully a European publisher  will swoop in last minute and make physical copies.

Also worth noting, there is a new trailer for Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, which you can check out after the jump. The title is also on PSP, but hasn’t been announced for localization yet. Xseed games said that the localization of the title depends on the sales of the PSP Ys titles coming out this year and next early year.

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Ys Seven Collectors Edition has Stuff

Looking forward to Ys Seven on the PSP? Then you should preorder yourself the lovely collectors edition for the title.

The collectors edition includes a sound track CD with 20 tracks, a 12.5″ by 34″ cloth map, and a 60 page art book covering art from Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath of Felghana, and Ys I&II Chronicles. And of course, as a cherry on top, you get a special box, although the box is not very special this time around.

The collectors edition will run for $49.99, a $20 increase over the standalone game.  But its got some fun swag. You can check it out after the jump.

(Source: Siliconera)

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