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After thinking awhile on the topic of donations, I’ve came to a conclusion. At first I didn’t want to take any donations to avoid any controversy. I had a change of heart and have decided that since we are going to be gaming for 72 hours straight we might as well do it for a good cause. The next decision was what charity should we donate to? First of course I thought of Childs Play because gaming and Childs Play go hand in hand…no brainer. But then I wanted to think for a little bit longer before I took a leap and announce a charity. After a couple of minutes I knew exactly where the money would go. You will be hard pressed to find anybody who cancer has not affected their lives. Going through the list of people involved in the marathon triggered the idea initially.Two of the three possible hosts have lost very close family members due to cancer, and I personally would not be able to handle mentally what they have had to. Furthermore, several of my close friends that won’t be doing the marathon, I’ve also seen affected in ways I couldn’t imagine. I know it’s not just my friends who have had to deal with cancer, in some way or another everyone has, sadly some much more than others. All these reasons contribute to why we will be donating to a cancer foundation. I haven’t specifically decided which one we will donate to, suggestions would be helpful. Join us on Friday March 14, 2008 @5 pm CST to watch us take on the Zelda franchise and also to help raise money for a good cause. Email us at

Heres our official “Gaming For Cancer” ribbon

P.S~For more details stay tuned(bookmark us), see also our previous posts.
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