More details on the 72 Hour Zelda Marathon

Well, looks like most everything has been set, now the wait begins….
Here is what we have decided.
-The marathon will begin Friday March 14 @ 5pm Cst and end Monday March17@5pm Cst.
-3 web cams will be used to keep traffic minimal and to prevent lag for viewers. All the audio will be from the same source so that you can here the host clearly. The 3 web cams will give you different angles while all including a view of the host and the game being played.
-3 gamers will be completing 7 games in 72 hours. Heres the list of games again.
2d Zelda’s:
(NES)The Legend of Zelda (Virtual Console)
(NES)Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (Virtual Console)
(SNES) Zelda: A Link to the Past (Virtual Console)

3d Zelda’s:
(N64) Zelda:Ocarina of Time (will be played on the N64)
(N64)Zelda: Majoras Mask (will be played on the N64)
(Gamecube) Zelda:Windwaker
(Wii)Zelda:Twilight Princess

-3 hosts (not the same 3 who will be playing the games) will be reading through emails and keeping things interesting.
-We will be giving out Zelda games and merchandise to a few lucky people who email us. Upon completion of each game a name will be drawn. That means a total of 7 chances to win.
-Donations..we most likely wont be taking donations. If theres a charity you would like for us to game for, Email us at and we will consider.


2 thoughts on “More details on the 72 Hour Zelda Marathon”

  1. I’m really looking forward to this, and I’ll try and be there for as most of it as I can. Unfortunately, I’ll be at school for the last two days, but I’ll try and catch some of it anyway.

    Are you using the N64 version of Majora’s Mask, or the Collector’s Edition? Hopefully it doesn’t freeze on you like it did for Cameron.

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