Prize Details!

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried to figure out the best way of doing the prize system, and this is what I have come up with. During each session (session being the time between the start of a game and the ending) everyone who e-mailed us during that session will be put into a drawing for that specific session. No matter if you send us 1 email or 100, you have the same chance of winning. After the completion of a game a name will be drawn and announced using a randomizer program. That means any one person can have a total of 7 chances to win if you send us an email during all 7 sessions. In the emails you don’t need to say anything in particular like “enter me in the contest”, you’re automatically entered. We would simply like you to speak your mind, say whatever you want, ask whatever you want. Please do not use multiple email accounts! You can email us multiple times on one account, we encourage that and would love your feedback; just don’t use multiple email accounts to enter more than once in each session. If you get caught doing this we will have to disqualify you from the drawing. The prizes are sent both via Mail, and also through Nintendo’s Shop channel gift system. This prize give away is a worldwide event, not limited to America. I’m not real sure on how the Virtual gift system, works..I’m hoping I can send Virtual console games to everyone, I’ll do some more research and report my findings. The Prizes and shipping are paid for by us, all donations are going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


(Session 1: The Legend of Zelda) : The Legend of Zelda, Virtual console
(Session 2: Zelda II The Adventure of Link): Zelda II The Adventure of Link, Virtual Console
(Session 3: Zelda A Link to the Past) Zelda a Link to the Past, Virtual Console
(Session 4: Zelda Ocarina of Time) Zelda Ocarina of Time, Virtual console
(Session 5: Zelda Majoras Mask) Special edition Majoras Mask, real copy sent via mail
(Session 6: Zelda Windwaker) Large SpeedGamers T-shirt, sent via mail
(Session 7:Zelda Twilight Princess) Nintendo Power Glove, sent via mail

Note: We will send the winners an email asking for shipping information on March 18th or your Wii friend code depending on which prize you won. (Wii friend code is needed to send virtual console games)

If you have any questions send us an email at


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