Quick Update

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your support and mail. Just wanted to keep everybody up to date and let you know that we will be releasing a youtube promo soon, one made by us and another made by a supporter. Also, a full list of the prizes and prize details will be announced within the week. All prizes will be paid for by us, and WILL NOT be taken out of the donations. 100% of the donations we get will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We would also like to thank Will D’angelo again from www.thewiicast.com. Thewiicast has spread the word tremendously and brought us many supporters. We cant thank Will enough.
TheSpeedgamers would also like to give a big thanks to www.mywii.com.au for posting a story about us. They have also help spread the word greatly. All in all we have received viewers from over 20 countries now!

Lastly, we will be putting out a flyer soon that you will be able to download from our website. Any help speading the word will be appreciated. We’ve had one viewer named Tommy from California who printed out over 100 copies and posted them in his school, awesome Tommy.

Thanks again everybody, until next time!

UPDATE: We’ve had a couple requests so we will be putting up the donations link early (upper right hand corner of the webpage). Remember, you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, need to donate to watch us or enter any of the drawings for prizes, so don’t feel any obligation to do so. Everything is completely 100% free. If you’re Zelda fan that would like to simply watch 72 hours of Zelda, feel free to kick back and enjoy.
We are going to send all the donations to St. Jude on March the 18’th, that way we can total all our donations to see how much we have raised (We will keep everyone updated on our donation amounts as they come in).100% of all donations will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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  1. wow thanks guys. When I(Ferenc) posted that news on mywii I didn’t expect you guys to notice, just thought it would be nice to help out. So anyway thanks again bye.

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