All good things must come to an end…for now

Wow, we can’t believe it’s finally over, I think we are more sad than happy. We gained so many new friends and had such a good time doing this event. We completed our main goal and that is raising $1,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our grand total was just shy of $1,100. Theres so many people we could thank, so tomorrow we are going to make a list. Unfortunately we can’t put everyone of the viewers because of the massive response we got, but first and foremost we have to thank everyone that tuned in. We did not complete our goal of 7 games in 72 hours with only three gamers. It is possible though, and we will attempt this feat again later this Summer. We learned from this experience and now know how much of a factor fatigue can play. Our Broadcast ran on for 82.5 hours and in that time we had over 12,000 views.

This will not be our last marathon, we will be doing another one at the beginning of the summer and like I said earlier, we will be attempting 7 Zelda games in 72 hours again towards the end of the summer. We might also do weekly broadcasts to stay in touch with our viewers and play them head to head in games such as smash bros brawl.
We will be putting up a list of possible Marathon games for you guys to vote on later today around 2pm central.

One quick thing before I end, donations WILL be open for the rest of the week as we are still aiming to reach $1337 status! Which would be very 1337. Keep it up guys were about $247 away, if I did math correctly

Thanks everybody,

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