Contacted St. Jude

I just got off the phone with St.Jude, they were really helpful in giving us info about how we should send the money. They said they were aware of our marathon and would be sending us a plaque and a T-shirt for every $35 we raised(thats over 30 t-shirts! Unless I’m misunderstanding). I’m gonna try to find a way to get these shirts to you guys.

We sent them our info weeks ago, we had no idea they had kept up with us. I checked my voice mail since I had missed a call (I work in the basement of my college therefore I get no reception). I saw it was a 1(800) number and figured it was them. Sure enough it was.

I will post pictures of the plaque and also post the receipt ASAP.

Please go to our forums and vote for the gaming series you would like to see us next play.


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