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Im going to be updating this post every 5 minutes probably for the next hour. I’m doing this so I don’t have to keep people waiting.

First of all, TheSpeedGamers would like to thank everybody involved in our gaming marathon.
Heres a list of everyone directly involved and who have donated. We want to make note that we couldn’t list everyone who viewed our marathon because that list would take up several pages (we are very proud of this).

Tyler Worthington
Daniel Lewis
Britt LaRiviere

Luke Adair
Chase LaRiviere
Rob Ostrout(Green Shirt guy)
Oscar Jimenez
Brandon Dillon(shaved head guy)
Erik Hackett(mohawk guy)
Mik Smith

Key Contributors:
Will D’angelo from www.thewiicast.com
Dj Floosy from www.newlineradio.com

Donators (Currentlty updating list) total Donations $1090.00:
(in order of most recent donations)
Leigh Aurbach
Roland Belford
Kim Schillinger
Patrick Weaver
Debra Halleron
Roger Habchi
Roger Habchi
Philip Elder
Roger Habchi
Roland Belford
Roland Belford
Luke Burgess
Charles Lodge
Charles Lodge
Ryan Barrow
Ryan Barrow
Ryan Barrow
Roger Habchi
Benjamin Wrobel
Patrick Weaver
Scott Crane
Phillip Elder
Christopher Houglan
Charles Lodge
Betty Wright
Adam Sleem
Luke Burgess
De’ann Chandler
Bruce B Cramer
Stuart Jakins
Mike Lord
Debra Halleron
Charles Lodge
Geoffrey Blagdan (Marth18)
Lisa Adair
Joe Morales
Nita Rogers
Tyler Linne
Micheal Duffey
Christin Hartung
Jordan Cave
Igballe Begolli
Charles Lodge
Ryan Le
Benjamin Wrobel
Kevin Liptak
Jamie Day-Norris
The Hoover Family
Joseph Petti
Charles Lodge
Geoffrey Blagdan
Phillip Elder
Katherine Little
Janet Allen

We are going to keep the Donations link up until Friday. We will post the St. Jude Children’s Hospital donation receipt by Monday March 24th.

Next, heres a link to our new forums Forums.TheSpeedGamers.com
The forums are so we can keep in touch with everyone and so our community can interact.

Next I would like to address future SpeedGamer events. The next event we will be doing is for Autism, tentatively scheduled for June. We are going to let the viewers vote on what series you would like us to play(this marathon will also be 72 hours most likely). Following that marathon we will attempt the 7 Zelda games in 72 hours again to conclude summer in August. Go to our forums to vote, there is 30 series to choose from. After a week we will narrow the list to 10 and then have one more voting session to choose the winning series.

Series List:
Banjo Kazooie
Call of Duty
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Final Fanasy
God of War
Golden Sun
Half Life
Kingdom Hearts
Mario RPG’s
Mega Man
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Slug
Resident Evil
Splinter Cell
Star Fox
Tales of ” ”
Zelda (Gameboy Series)

Feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns. TheSpeedgamers@gmail.com

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