News update!

The 30 game list of possible marathon series has been narrowed down to the final 10. The list of 10 will be left up for about a week. Go to our forums to vote for the marathon series of your choice. After it closes we will have a poll to see whether everyone wants to see us attempt Zelda again first, or play the winning series and hold off on Zelda till later in the summer. Just a reminder that our next marathon is June 13th-16th.

There are only 2 people I still need to give virtual console prizes to. If you haven’t gotten your’s yet please email me at For those of you expecting prizes in the mail, they should be there within 2 weeks, email me as soon as you receive them.

I took down the donation link; our grand total comes out to $1090.00.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is sending me a prepaid envelope to put the check in. Soon after I should receive a receipt that I will post on here for you guys to see. Also, they’re sending us one t-shirt for every $35 we raised(that gives a total of 30 t-shirts), and we will also be receiving a plaque.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks guys,


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