TheSpeedGamers LIVE!!

Our attempt to beat 7 Zelda games in 72 hours began at 5pm cst. Check us out live below!! To Donate to St.Jude Children’s Hospital click the “donate” button located to the right of this post. Email us and leave your comments at and we will read them while playing, you will also be entered into a contest to win a prize after the completion of each game!

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7:08 pm Friday: First Zelda… Complete.

7:52 p.m. Friday: Britt is still going strong. With the first one down he has already begun the second and is well on his way.

8:41 p.m. Friday: Britt is having some trouble with one part of Adventure of Link but since he did beat the first one so quickly he has some time to spare. Lets hope it doesn’t take too long!

10:19 p.m. Friday: Britt is moving along. Adventure of Link is one of the hardest Zeldas so once britt gets this done things should start moving along smoothly again. Oh yah we are currently at $134.17.

12:00 a.m. Saturday: Britt is doing awesome but still is on Adventure of Link. He is looking a little sleepy guys so come on and bring in some support, send in some emails for us to read out loud, and remember to DONATE!! Remember its for a good cause!

3:27 a.m. Saturday:Britt has BEAT Adventure of Link FINALLY! We have also reached $201.74 in donations! Very awesome. So keep it up guys. We average around 30 viewers on the main feed and 15 on the host feed which isn’t bad for it being the middle of the night! Looks like it’s Tyler’s turn to take on the 3rd Zelda aka Link to the past! Wish him luck!

1:47 p.m Hey guys sorry about the long wait between updates I (Chase) fell asleep and I have been the only one updating the blog. But I am awake now and should be for awhile now so expect more updates. Currently Tyler is pushing through Link to the past and is getting close to the end! He has been awake for roughly 30 hours so if he does anything that didn’t seem too smart its because of the lack of sleep. So guys keep donating and checking back to the blog for more information. Oh yah the current donations are at $308. Keep up the awesome work!

6:03 p.m. Saturday: Link to the past completed.

6:43 p.m. Saturday: Tyler got all the way to the last boss and was just too exhausted to take on Gannon so he passed the controller to Daniel who then quickly defeated the boss. So with Link to the Past completed we have 4 zelda games left! Daniel has now started on Ocarina Of Time. Wish him luck! We’ve gotten up to around 80 viewers at once so thats awesome!! Also we have received $505.30 in donations!

9:33 p.m Saturday: Daniel is working on Ocarina of Time right now and he seems to be doing awesome. He is currently on the Forrest Temple. Lets hope he can keep this pace up! We currently have $553.05! I would like to point out our top 2 Donaters which are Debra Halleron who donated $81.01 and Geoffrey Blagdan who donated $80 not too long ago BUT also donated $50 at the very beginning meaning he donated a total of $130 which is amazing. Thanks guys! Also remember we need 100 diggs so we can see brandon shave his head!!!

2:40 a.m Saturday:Sorry about the long wait between blog updates but I have been relaxing and taking it easy because as you can see Tyler and Rob took over for a few so I decided to take some time off. I hope their doing an awesome job. Currently Daniel is about 80% done with Ocarina of Time (so he says). So lets hope he keeps pushing strong. Britt is getting ready to take on Majora’s Mask! We are currently at $601.30 total in donations which is very awesome! Also we got to see Brandon get his head shaved!! I hope many of you got to see that because it was pretty awesome. Alright well I plan on making the update very soon so don’t worry and you will be hearing from me soon!

6:03 a.m: Saturday: Daniel has defeated Ocarina of Time!! Looks like its Britt’s turn to show us what he can do! Wish em luck!

9:27 a.m. Saturday: I was just woke up from a 2 hour nap to attempt to fix our main feed web cam which crashed for no reason. If this happens again just head to the other web cam which is yet to crash and we will update you on whats happening! Britt may look like he is running a little slow because when the web cam went down it was the main feed which focused on the game and he didn’t want you guys to miss too much so he slowed down his play… well the video stayed down for nearly an hour and a half! Hopefully we can make up for lost time but we may have to extend our deadline to 6:30 p.m. Monay due to that lost time. But who knows theres still a lot of time left so stick with us!

1:15 p.m. Sunday: I was currently just woke up after another 2 hours because the web cam went down AGAIN! This time only for about 5 to 10 minutes so we will be fine. I think I have the problem fixed now and hopefully things will run smooth from now on. Thanks to everyone who has stuck it out with us the whole time!!! You guys are awesome. Oh yah our donation total right now is $634.37!! Great work but keep those donations comming in. Hopefully you will hear some good news from me soon!

8:30 p.m Sunday:Britt has decided he will take a nap before attempting the final temple of Majora’s Mask so that means currently our progress on MM is on hold. Don’t worry though because we will be returning to Majora’s Mask to finish off ganon when he wakes up. Okay so now we have Tyler playing Wind Waker so lets hope he picks up the pace!

10:44 p.m. Sunday: Wow we just received three donations two which were $13.37 which is awesome!!! Or well I should say leet. So yes as promised we plan on giving erik a mohawk on live feed in the second channel! So stick around for that. As for Tyler he is destroying Wind Waker. Donations are currently at $780. Awesome job guys!! Keep it up!

5:30 a.m. Monday: Sorry about the long wait for another update but I was haven fun talking to the people in the chatroom. Anywyas Tyler is doing Awesome! Everyone is happy to see him going through the game so smoothly. Lets hope things keep up. Also our donations are currently at $836.27 which is amazing!! Keep the donations coming guys!! I will try to update again soon!

3:59 PM Monday: We are now on TP, on about 2 and a half hours to go. Marth18 was the winnner of the T-shirt.

5:00 PM Monday: We have reached our goal of 1 thousand dollars, mik promised if we reach 1k he would WAX his armpits.

6:00Pm Moday: For some weird reason Daniel has left us…I am now forced to take over the remainder of Twilight Princess….

3:00 AM Tuesday: After 82 hours….we are done. $1090.00 is the grand total of donations, awesome job guys!

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