Another Successful Event!

UPDATE : Anyone who won a prize, please send us an email with your address info. We have the winners names and emails, so if you try so act as if you won, we will know.

Thanks everyone who watched, donated, advertised, and participated. We raised $1355!!! (Updated We have past LEET status due to Andreas Merkell’s $50 donation today, june 18th) for Giggles-Therapy! , a local Autism organization. We got about 95% through the games and are very frustrated we did not complete them. However, we are overall pleased about the event.

I will be updating this post throughout the night and tomorrow. I need to clean up and get some sleep but wanted to at least post something for you guys. I’ll post some more in about an hour.

-I posted a list of people who donated on the right side of our website. If your name is not on it and you donated please email me at

-I will post the amounts that each person donated shortly.

-keep checking back for updates!

2 thoughts on “Another Successful Event!”

  1. You guys did amazing. I bet you are frustrated, but all and all it was an impressive performance that gained much attention to your group. I greatly enjoyed viewing.

  2. I actually didn’t see most of the thing, but I found the idea cool and donated a little. Would help more, but dollars are expensive~ (I’m actually from Brazil). I’m looking forward to the Metroid one =]

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