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8:00 PM (Friday) – TheSpeedGamers are underway with Britt leading. He is done stretching and ready to go on The Legend Of Zelda. Wish em luck guys! All updates after this one will be made UNDER the streaming videos below.

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10:00 PM (Friday) Britt finished The Legend of Zelda at 9:31 and has already started dominating Zelda II (Links Adventure). Hopefull he can do as well with this one as he did the first one!

11:50 PM (Friday) Britt is still working away at Zelda II. He is moving along pretty smoothly. Hopefully he can keep it up. Also we have reached the $100 marker! To hear the donaters names just listen in to the main webcam because I try to read them pretty often. Right now our highest donater is Philip Elder with $65! Oh yah one last thing if any of you guys are having trouble creating an account to talk in the chat room send an email to with your problem and I will do my best to help you. For any other tips to keep the video and other things running as smooth as possible just listen in to my random advice.

3:33 AM (Saturday) Britt has now completed the Zelda II meaning two games down and five to go! Now Mik has began Zelda A Link to the Past and is about 45 minutes into it. Wish em luck! Also we have reached the $150 marker! Keep up the awesome work guys =) Ill try to update again soon.

6:45 AM (Saturday) Mik handed the controller off to Tyler who is now moving along very smoothly in the game. Hopefully he can keep up the progress.

9:48 AM (Saturday) Tyler is still doing awesome. He is doing his best and pushing strong. Once again wish em luck! Also are donations are currently at $175 so keep the donations coming in!

2:26 PM (Saturday) Tyler has beaten Link to the Past and we are now starting on Ocarina of Time! The Giggles-Therapy donations have reached about $250! Keep it up! guys!

6:23 PM (Saturday) We are halfway through with Ocarina of Time and have raised over $400 for Giggles Therapy so far. Were gonna keep chuggin along, and you guys stay tuned in and keep the donations flowin!

8:00 PM (Saturday) 24 HOURS DOWN! 48 TO GO!!!! Yes 1 day down and 2 left to go. Rob is currently playing Ocarina Of Time and was doing awesome until he ran into a little mishap… yah the Wii froze… but dont worry we brought in Rob’s Wii which had a file that was only about 30 minutes behind the current one. So a little time lost but atleast its nothing we cant recover from. We are currently at $433 in donations! So keep up the awesome work guys. I will do my best to keep you guys updated here on the blog but its a little harder since I lost my voice meaning I wont be on the laptop as much but expect something in a few hours because I will make sure Britt keeps things updated.

4:14 am (Sunday) We ran into our first major issue. The capture card causes the screen to be almost completely black to where Majora’s Mask is unplayable. Now we are using our webcam to broadcast the game live instead of a direct feed. Majoras Mask is the only game that will have this problem since it is the only game being played on the Nintendo 64. So until we beat Majora’s Mask we will have a webcam facing our tv while playing, but still maintaining audio commentary. Rob beat Ocarina of Time at about 2:30 am and we have raised $530 to this point. Currently we are working on getting cam2 up.

5:08 pm (Sunday) Majora’s Mask is taking longer than expected… yah I know thats bad to hear. Sorry guys we are doin our best but lack of sleep is getting to us! We will do out best to get back on track. Wish us luck!

11:47 pm (Sunday) With Majora’s Mask out of the way there is no stopping us. Tyler is tearing Wind Waker apart now and we are also back to our better looking setup. Hopefully Tyler can keep this pace up so he will be done in no time! Also our donations is currently up to $735 which is awesome. So keep those donations rolling in and get ready to see some crazy stuff =)

1:45 am (Monday) Right now Tyler is still going strong and dominating Wind Waker. Lets hope he can keep this going so we can move onto Twilight Princess. Also if your listening in right now we are taking lots of song requests so feel free to send them in! And remember to keep donating for the cause!!

6:21 am (Monday) Tyler has almost completed Wind Waker! I hope you guys enjoyed his awesome game play along with Wind Waker’s awesome graphics. Now get ready for an awesome boss fight and then its time for Twilight Princess!!! Also I would like to point out that we have a total counter so that you guys will know the current total we are at. The counter can be found at the top off this post. Our current total is $867 so keep up the awesome work guys!!!

11:25 am (Monday) Tyler completed Wind Waker around 8:30 so thats means there was only one game left which is Twilight Princess only we ran into one very small problem…. the problem is the person scheduled to play is very ill and can not get make it. But don’t worry msico one of our viewers and highest dona tors has drove over to beat twilight princess. Yes you heard me, one of our viewers has now joined TheSpeedGamers and is doing his best to help complete the goal of 7 games in 72 hours. Also we have reached $973 in donations which is really awesome! I would like to write more but I need to get back to the channel. I will try to update again soon and guys keep those donations coming in!

1:00 pm (Monday) Philip (misco) is moving smoothly through Twilight Princess. Lets hope he can keep this pace up. As for the deadline which is currently 8:30 pm (due to technical difficulties which everyone in the channel agreed upon) who knows if we will be close only time will tell. As for donations we are currently at $1071 which is $19 away from how much we raised for St Jude. So keep those donations comming in and sit back and watch Philip speed game through Twilight Princess for the Wii.

2:30 pm (Monday) Philip aka misco is not holding back on Twilight Princess and is just destorying it. Lets hope he can keep this pace up and we will see how things turn out. Also guys we have BEAT our old donation record which was $1090 because now we are currently at $1187 and we don’t plan on stopping there so lets keep those donations rolling in. I would also like to point out our two top donators who are both around $200 and the usernames we recognize them as are Muir and Fettouhi so guys if you see them give them many many thanks!

6:00 pm (Monday) So far we have raised $1,222!! Great job guys! Only 3 hours left in the marathon (9.00pm cst) Phillip is just about to start the Desert Temple.

9:00pm (Monday) We got so close to finishing but finished just short. We raised a grand total of $1,305 !

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